Tindall re-signs with Gloucester for ninth season

Former England captain and Rugby World Cup winner Mike Tindall has re-signed with Gloucester Rugby for a ninth season in 2013-14.

Last season Tindall found himself out of contract and somewhat in limbo until Director of Rugby Nigel Davies appointed him in a new, joint player-coach role.

The Otley born player responded in style, embracing his new coaching role with gusto, but also shining on the field of play, making 28 appearances in total.

Showing no intention of hanging up his boots just yet, Tindall will once again combine playing with coaching this season and admits that he’s delighted to be prolonging his stay at Gloucester.

“Definitely, it’s been a great year and a year that I’ve really enjoyed, especially on the playing side. To be able to combine the two roles for another year is great for me.

“It’s been a challenge, I won’t lie. It’s a completely different role as I’m still out there training and playing but now have this new set of responsibilities. But it’s been a good challenge and I’m enjoying it.”

Nigel Davies said recently that he thinks it’s been Tindall’s best season for some time, and the man himself readily agrees.

“I think, definitely for the last couple of years, it’s been my best season. I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve embraced the way that Nigel has done things. He’s been a breath of fresh air and come in and just let the players play.

“He’s kept it very simple, made the environment a very positive one and encouraged people to go out and enjoy themselves. I think that’s probably why you’ve seen us make the progress we have this year.

“The big challenge for us next year is consistency. To lose to teams at the bottom, yet beat all of the top four, and push most of them away from home as well, mean there are some frustrations as well as enjoyment.

“But if we can progress in the same way next year, then I think we’ll be in a really strong place.”

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