Bulls beat Hurricanes in Pretoria

The Bulls have won their last three Super Rugby matches against the Hurricanes.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.
0.01: The Hurricanes kick off and we are underway. The Bulls knock on so we have a scrum.
1.00: Scrum penalty to the Hurricanes. They kick for touch.
2.00: The Bulls rid themselves of their early nerves and Ndungane almost gets through.
3.00: The Bulls win a scrum and they kick high ahead but Savea loses it forward.
5.00: The Bulls win a penalty for illegal binding. Morne Steyn will kick for posts.
6.00: Steyn takes the kick and nails it.
7.00: The Hurricanes get some go forward attacking ball but they come up too quickly and they knock on.
9.00: The Hurricanes are doing most of the attacking here. They chip ahead and its a chase between Savea and Basson. The ball hits the touch line first.
12.00: Penalty to the Bulls again. Morne Steyn takes the kick and slots it.
14.00: Another penalty to the Bulls – Ash Dixon coming in from the side. Steyn kicks for touch.  
17.00: The Bulls are playing the game in the Hurricanes 22. The Hurricanes defence is holding them out so far.
18.00: Ben Franks tries to pass the ball down the line but JJ Engelbrecht intercepts and goes in to score the first TRY for the Bulls.
19.00: Steyn adds the conversion.
23.00: The Bulls win a win a line out. They set up the maul and drive for the line. They drive over the line and Deon Stegmann scores the TRY!
24.00: Morne Steyn adds the conversion.  
27.00: The Bulls continue to drive forward in the Hurricanes 22. However the game is stopped as Conrad Smith is knocked clean out in the tackle. Smith is driven off the field on the medical buggy. It does not look good. Smith connected with JJ Engelbrecht in the tackle and was knocked out immediately.  
29.00:  Penalty to the Hurricanes in their 22. Barrett kicks for touch.
31.00: The Hurricanes are starting to make ground into the Bulls territory. They have the ball on attack and are going through the phases. After 6 phases they get over the half way line.
32.00: The Bulls get the ball after a chip kick and Visser kicks deep. The Hurricanes kick it back.
34.00: Steyn kicks for the wing and Basson goes high but he can’t control the ball and loses it.
35.00: Penalty to the Bulls. Steyn will kick for posts. We hear from the side line that Conrad Smith has a mild concussion, but is up and chatting, and looks to be alright. He takes the shot but misses.
36.00: The Hurricanes move the ball down the line but it happens again. Ndungane gets the intercept pass and runs in the Bulls third TRY!
37.00: Morne Steyn takes the conversion kick and slots it.
38.00: The Hurricanes almost get through but there is a knock on.
39.00: The Hurricanes win a penalty just before half time. They kick for the corner.
40.00: The Hurricanes win the line out and attack. They move the ball across the face of the posts and then back to the touchline . The ball is slow and then it comes out. The Bulls then win a penalty for not releasing. Steyn kicks the ball out and it’s half time.
The half

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