Stormers beat Hurricanes in Palmerston North

Out of the last five matches between the Hurricanes and the Stormers the Cape Town franchise have won four and the Hurricanes one.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off. After a moment’s silence for ANZAC day the Hurricanes kick off and we are underway.


1.00: The Hurricanes kick behind Bryan Habana and he goes for the ball but misses it which gives the Hurricanes a line out in the Stormers half.


2.00: Penalty to the Hurricanes. Beauden Barrett takes the kick and nails it.


4.00: Scrum penalty to the Stormers after Ben Franks goes to ground. Joe Pietersen will take the kick.


5.00: Pietersen takes the kick but misses.


9.00: The scrums are a bit of a mess so far. Both sides struggling to complete. Penalty to the Hurricanes. Barrett will kick from about 50m out.


10.00: Barrett misses the shot and the Stormers take the ball and run the ball out of their 22.


14.00: The Stormers are on attack and they made some ground but then after a short break they give the ball away to the Hurricanes.


15.00: The Hurricanes enjoy a brief period of possession but then they turn the ball over give it away to the Stormers. The Stormers kick ahead for Habana but he misses the ball. The Stormers then concede a penalty to the Hurricanes kick for touch.


17.00: The Stormers win a line out in their half and go for the high ball. They are using the high ball a lot. The Hurricanes take the ball and Barrett kicks almost perfectly for the corner.


18.00: The Hurricanes have a scrum on the Stormers 5m line. They win the scrum but the Stormers turn the ball over and kick it deep.  


20.00: A bit of a fight breaks out involving Ben Franks after a scrum so the game is stopped as the TMO has a look. Penalty to the Stormers for Franks throwing a punch on Elstadt. They kick for touch.


23.00: Jeremy Thrush wins a penalty for the Hurricanes so Barrett takes the kick. This one he nails.


27.00: The Stormers try the high ball again and the Hurricanes go for the ball but end up taking a Stormers player out. Penalty to the Stormers. They kick for touch.


28.00: The Stormers set up the maul and drive for the line. The Hurricanes bring the maul down and Jeremy Thrush pulls it down and is promptly shown a yellow card. The Stormers go again.


The Stormers go for the line again and they win a penalty again as it goes to ground. “Illegally defending a maul – players 1 and 7” says referee Stuart Walsh.


30.00: The Stormers drive for the line with the maul again. Again Ben Franks pulls it down so the Hurricanes get a warning.


31.00: The Stormers win the line out and set up the maul. They drive over the line and Michael Rhodes scores! TRY.


32.00: Joe Pietersen takes the conversion kick and he nails it putting the Stormers into the lead.


37.00: Ben Franks plays the ball on the ground but there are players blocking Steve Walsh’s view so it looks like the Stormers have knocked on. The Hurricanes are awerded the knock on. The Hurricanes win the scrum and TJ Perenara takes off – he slices through the Stormers eventually Pietersen stops him but the Hurricanes continue to attack until the Stormers turn the ball over and kick it out.


38.00: The Hurricanes win the line out and start their attack in the Stormers 22. The Stormers knock on so the Hurricanes have a scrum in front of the posts in the Stormers 22. Thr

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