Crusaders beat Highlanders in Christchurch

Out of the last five Super Rugby matches between the Crusaders and the Highlanders the Crusaders have won three and lost two.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.
00.01: The Crusaders kick off at a wet and cold AMI Stadium. The Highlanders will be playing into the rain.
2.00: The Crusaders win the first line out after some early pressure. They get the ball to the 5m line and the Highlanders have to defend.
3.00: The Crusaders are on attack but the ball gets into a ruck and then it gets knocked on by the Highlanders giving the Crusaders a scrum.
4.00: Crusaders win the scrum and they go for the line. Corey Flynn is short but the Crusaders get a 5m scrum.
6.00: The Crusaders win a scrum on the 5m line. They swing the ball at pace out to the wings but a pass from Fruean is loose and the Highlanders get to it. They try to clear the ball but it’s charged down and the Highlanders have a 5m line out. Andy Ellis goes off for a concussion test. Willi Heinz comes on.
7.00: The Crusaders almost steal the line out but the Highlanders get the ball away.
8.00: Penalty to the Crusaders in the Highlanders 22 where most of the game has been played. They will kick for posts.
9.00: Tyler Bleyendaal takes the kick and it curls across the face of the posts in the wind.
10.00: The Crusaders attack, possession and territory has been completely dominant so far. The Highlanders have held on wonderfully.
11.00: The Crusaders continue to attack but then they lose the ball forward. However we are called back for an incident by the assistant as someone threw a punch. TMO replay shows Owen Franks punching Jarrad Hoeata. Franks gets shown a yellow card. The Highlanders kick for touch and get out of their half for the first time.
13.00: The Crusaders continue to press the Highlanders back and then the Highlanders are caught offside. Bleyendaal will kick for posts. Crusaders territory is at 95%.
14.00: Bleyendaal takes the shot and nails it. Crusaders are on the board.
17.00: Even though the Crusaders are down a man in the scrum they drive straight through the Highlanders scrum. Disintegrated.  The scrum is reset and Aaron Smith (the Highlanders) pinches the ball and runs away with it. Eventually the attack is caught and the Crusaders take the ball out.
19.00:  The Crusaders get a penalty in their 22 but it kicks off. They all pile in. The assistants have a chat with the ref. Now the TMO has a look. The penalty is overturned as Crockett dived in after the whistle. Hayden Parker will kick for posts. He misses.
23.00: There is some aerial ping pong with the boot and the ball and the Crusaders win the contest as they make the most ground. The Highlanders win the first line out but take the ball out giving the Crusaders a line out in the Highlanders 22.
25.00: The Crusaders move the ball to the middle of the field in front of the posts but the whistle goes for the Highlanders holding on. Crusaders scrum 5m out.
26.00: The Crusaders win a scrum and Guildford goes for the corner. The TMO will rule. If not they will go back for a penalty. TMO rules it’s short.
27.00: Penalty to the Crusaders. They will kick for posts. He nails it doubling the Crusaders score.
29.00: Almost from the kick off Bekhuis concedes a penalty so they get another chance to kick for posts. Bleyendaal takes the kick and nails from w

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