Hurricanes beat Southern Kings in Wellington

The Southern Kings have a tough second tour match in the New Zealand capital this weekend when they play the Hurricanes at Wellington’s Westpac Stadium on Saturday morning.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off. The teams are coming on to the field.
0.01: Demetri Catrakilis kicks off and we are underway.
2.00: The Southern Kings win the first line out but soon after they concede a penalty. They kick for touch.
3.00: The Hurricanes work the ball into the Kings 22 and then Savea makes ground and the Hurricanes recycle and Ben May powers over for the first TRY!
3.00:Beauden Barrett adds the conversion.
4.00: The Southern Kings see some space behind the Hurricanes defence and they kick deep but the Hurricanes get back to defend.
6.00: Kings get a free kick after a scrum just outside the 22 but as they get to the 22 they pass the ball forward. Hurricanes scrum.
9.00: Hurricanes win a penalty from a scrum just outside the Kings 22. Barrett kicks for posts and nails it.
12.00:The Hurricanes (Andre Taylor) kicks the ball way downfield and Julian Savea chases. The Kings however get back and save the try.
14.00: Taylor makes a break through the Hurricanes but there is obstruction (Perenara) so the Kings have a penalty. They kick for touch.
15.00: The Southern Kings work the ball into the Hurricanes 22. They set up a line out about 8m out. They win the line out and  Steven Sykes darts straight through the Hurricanes and scores their first TRY!
16.00:Catrakilis adds the conversion.
18.00: Hurricanes win an attacking scrum just outside the Kings 22, they go to right then they change side and a long pass goes out to Conrad Smith who  goes over for the second TRY!
20.00: Barrett adds the conversion.
22.00: Penalty to the Kings. Catrakilis will kick for posts. He nails the kick.
25.00: Ben May concedes a penalty for a late charge on Catrakilis after a deep kick downfield. We go to where the ball landed for the penalty. Catrakilis takes the kick and nails it.
27.00: Hurricanes win a line out in the Kings 22. They move the ball wide as Save makes a break and then the Kings give a penalty away. Perenara takes it quickly and comes close to scoring but he is held and is short.
28.00: The Kings lose Hadleigh Parkes with what looks like could be a serious arm injury. Waylon Murray comes on.
29.00: The Hurricanes win a scrum 5m out and they go wide and Perenara snipes and scores the third Canes TRY!
30.00: Barrett misses the conversion.
32.00: The Kings enjoy some attacking ball but they get concede an accidental free kick for obstruction. The Hurricanes win the scrum and attack.
34.00: The Kings win a line out and move the ball out to their backs but hit a wall of defence from the Hurricanes. They change sides and at the breakdown Eaton plays the ball on the ground so Catrakilis gets a shot at the posts. He takes the shot and nails it.
37.00: Penalty to the Hurricanes. Barrett takes the shot and hits the post. The Kings regather and Whitehead kicks the ball out to safety.
39.00: Hurricanes attack again in the Kings 22. They go to the corner and Jeremy Thrush scores the bonus point TRY!
40.00: Beauden Barrett takes the conversion kick and he nails it. It’s half time.
The half time score was Hurri

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