Reds beat Highlanders in Dunedin

The Highlanders have played the Reds 16 times in Super Rugby since they started playing each other in 1996 and the Highlanders have won 9 times.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off. The teams are on the field.
0.01: Quade Cooper kicks off and we are underway.
1.00: The Highlanders force the Reds to take the ball out almost from the kick off. The Highlanders win the first line out and immediately take the ball wide.
2.00; The Highlanders have made a strong start. However Rob Simmons wins a ball on the ground and gets it to Cooper and the Reds attack. They get the ball up to the Highlanders 5m line and then Liam Gill concedes a penalty for offside.
5.00: Penalty advantage for the Reds but they play on. Cooper makes a break and Elliot Dixon gets a hand to it but the ball goes to James Hanson and he manages to control the ball and scores the first TRY! 
6.00: Quade Cooper takes the conversion kick and the Reds lead.
8.00: Anthony Faingaa  concedes a penalty for offside so the Highlanders will take a kick for posts. Colin Slade takes the shot and nails it. The Highlanders are on the board.
10.00: The Reds go deep with the kick off and the Highlanders are caught offside so Cooper has another penalty kick.
11.00: Cooper takes the kick from about 45m out. He misses.
13.00: The Highlanders (Jason Emery) makes a break down the wing and he is tackled. The Reds then concede a penalty at the breakdown so the Highlanders kick for touch.
15.00:The Highlanders get the ball downfield and then after the line out the Horwill does not hold his weight so the Highlanders have another penalty. Slade bangs the penalty over to cut the gap to one point.  
17.00: The Reds are under pressure in their 25. They get the ball to Cooper who kicks the ball out inside the Reds half. The Highlanders win the line out and start their attack.
18.00: The Highlanders win a penalty in front of the posts and while everyone is thinking they will kick the Highlanders take it quickly and after a couple of passes Elliot Dixon  scores the Highlanders first TRY!
19.00: Slade adds the conversion and the Highlanders lead.
20.00: Cooper’s restart goes out on the full (dead) so we have a scrum on the half way line. Reds win the scrum and attack, Shipperley makes a break and after a couple of recycles the Highlanders concede a penalty (Hosea Gear). The Reds kick for the corner.
23.00: The Reds win the line out on the 5m line. They send the ball out to the backs. Ben Tapuai almost goes over and then Cooper goes over….but wait no there is obstruction so we go back for an earlier penalty.
25.00:The Reds go for the line out which they win and drive Liam Gill over for the second TRY!
26.00: Quade Cooper takes the conversion kick and nails it. The Reds lead by a point.
27.00: The Reds attack from the restart and have the Highlanders on the back foot after a break by Dom Shipperley, the ball is recycled and then Shipperley enjoys a second break and Genia goes for the corner with a kick but the Reds are out. Andrew Hore is also shown a yellow card for a professional foul.
28.00: Quade Cooper penalty hits the posts and the Reds get the ball back and attack. After several recycles the Reds suck in the Highlanders defence and Jake Schatz scores under the posts. TRY!
29.00: Quade Cooper adds the conversion.
31.00: The Highlanders have a lin

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