Murder case opened after British fan dies in SA

South African Police have confirmed that they have opened a case of murder after a British man was killed outside the Sharks Kings Park Rugby stadium on Saturday.

Police in South Africa say that there was a fist-fight outside the Kings Park Stadium which led to the British tourists death on Sunday.

“There was an argument that arose between a group of individuals,” said Lieutenant Colonel Vincent Mdunge.

“We do not know what sparked the fight. A 28-year-old man was assaulted with clenched fists and booted feet. “

“He succumbed to the injuries.”

Durban Central Police said that they have opened a murder case and sworn statements are being collected from witnesses but at this stage no arrests have been made.

The police said they were communicating with the embassy.

The incident occured about three hours after the Sharks beat the Melbourne Rebels 64-7 on Saturday at 10pm.

The Sharks (Pty) Ltd said in a statement that emergency personnel at the stadium had tried to stop the fight.

“We have conducted our own internal investigation and are satisfied that our contracted service providers, Fidelity Security and ER24 had done everything possible to assist in stopping the fight on the night,” said Sharks CEO Brian van Zyl.

A Foreign Office spokesman told the Mirror,”We can confirm the death of a British national on 24th march in Durban.

“We stand ready to provide consular assistance at this difficult time.”

The victim, Brett Williams who lived in the UK and was a Royal Marine but left
about a year ago to work as a maritime security operator.

Witnesses who did not want to be named said that they did not know what started
it, but said Williams did not appear to have been the instigator.

A woman who had been standing outside the Shark supporters’ club said
she saw a scuffle in which Williams may have bumped someone and then apologised.

However, after that clash subsided another “enraged” patron started
a fight.

Some witnesses said that Williams was beaten by a group of four men, others said there were more.
It has also been said that the fight originated outside the One Stop club, but
heightened near the supporters’ club.

“It is just so scary when you see that silver body cover being put over
someone. You don’t expect something like this at rugby,” she told
the Mercury.

Another long-time Sharks supporter said she saw security guards running and
stadium management rushing to the scene in golf carts.

At one stage people scattered in different directions, but the woman noticed
one man – described as a “bodybuilder type” with a shaved head and
wearing a tight shirt -walking away high-fiving his friends. A few security
guards were in pursuit of him.

“He (Williams) was on the floor, still alive at that stage. Paramedics
were attending to him but they said his vitals were failing.”

Earlier this season, the Eastern Province Rugby Union had to clamp down on alcohol sales and increase security after a violent fight broke out between fans inside the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth during a Southern Kings and Sharks match.

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