Crusaders beat Southern Kings in Christchurch

The Southern Kings will make their overseas debut against seven time Super Rugby champions Crusaders on Saturday in Christchurch.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off. A hamstring injury has ruled Israel Dagg out of this week’s match so Zac Guildford comes into the starting line up and Tom Marshall in at 15.
0.01: Demetri Catrakilis kicks off and we are underway.
1.00: The Kings win an early penalty so Demetri Catrakilis gets a shot at the posts. Strange decision as Whitelock was taken out in the air.  Catrakilis takes the kick and nails it. The Kings lead.
3.00: The Crusaders have the ball and they are in the Kings 22. They are really testing the Kings defence. They go through the phases and Guildford passes to George Whitelock who scores the first TRY!
5.00; Dan Carter takes the conversion and nails it. The Crusaders lead.
7.00: As expected the Kings are being tested Robbie Fruean makes a break down the wing but is caught. The Crusaders win a penalty in the Kings half so they will go for posts.
8.00: Dan Carter takes the kick and nails it.
11.00: Kieran Read breaks and sets up Matt Todd who makes a break. The Kings stop him but they are being tested.
12.00: The attack is relentless from the Crusaders and eventually the Kings get stretched and Wyatt Crockett scores the second TRY!
13.00 Carter adds the conversion. It’s more than a point a minute for the home side.
15.00: Penalty to the Kings about 43m out. Catrakilis takes the kick but it’s short.
18.00: Guildford on attack and uses the chip kick but it goes straight to Sergeal Petersen who is tripped by Luke Romano so the Kings get a penalty. They kick for touch.
19.00: The Kings win the line out and look dangerous as they get the ball to the 5m line. They win a penalty for entry at the ruck. Catrakilis will kick. He nails it.
23.00: Crusaders get the ball to the 5m line. They win a scrum but drive the Kings 5m back and George Whitelock goes over for his second try.
24.00: Dan Carter takes the conversion and nails it. Crusaders back to a point a minute.
28.00: Crusaders still on full attack. Sergeal Petersen almost gets an intercept but is stopped by Willi Heinz.
30.00: The Crusaders are still on full attack in the Kings 25. Willi Heinz slips through a gap and scores the BONUS point try.
31.00: Carter adds the conversion. Still a point a minute.
34.00: Penalty to the Kings. Catrakilis kicks for the corner.
35.00: The Kings have the ball on attack in the Crusaders 22. They look to go wide but the ball goes to ground. They regather and resume their attack. Petersen is stopped dead in his tracks and the Kings resume. Eventually they win a penalty and kick for touch again.  
39.00: Kieran Read drives through the Kings attempted maul and forces the turnover as the Kings knock on. The Crusaders have a 5m defensive scrum. They win the scrum and after a couple of phases Carter kicks the ball out but does not find touch so the Kings start their attack all over again.
40.00: The Southern Kings win a line out and get their maul going and they drive over the line and they score the first try on New Zealand soil. Wimpie van der Walt.
41.00: Catrakilis adds the conversion.
The Kings had 55% territory and 48% possession in the first half. Missed tackles 8 and the Crusaders missed 2.

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