Brumbies beat Sharks in Durban

The Sharks and the Brumbies have both played three Super Rugby matches so far this season and they are both unbeaten which makes this our match of the week.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.


Pat Lambie kicks off and we are underway.


3.00: The Brumbies look very determined early on. They get the ball and hold on to it by going through the phases gradually pushing the Sharks back to their line.


4.00: The Brumbies win their first scrum which is big confidence boost for rookie prop Scott Sio. The Brumbies move the ball across the field and suck in the defenders and then they pass to Jesse Mogg who dives over for the first TRY!


5.00: Christian Lealiifano  takes the conversion kick and curls it in. The Brumbies have an early lead.


8.00: Penalty to the Brumbies as Marcell Coetzee broke off the scrum early They kick for touch.


11.00: The match is almost entirely being played in the Sharks half.


12.00: This looks ominous for the Sharks. The Brumbies strike again from a ruck and Joe Tomane darts for the line and scores the second TRY in the corner. 82% possession for the Brumbies so far.


13.00: Lealiifano misses the conversion.


15.00: The Sharks look a but shellshocked. The Brumbies have silenced the crowd a bit. Very poor attendance considering that these are two unbeaten teams.


16.00: The Sharks start to get some better ball. They work the ball into the Brumbies half but then they kick it away.


18.00: Penalty to the Sharks. Lambie takes the kick and slots it. The Sharks are on the board.


22.00; The Sharks enjoy some attacking ball in their half but the Brumbies soon turn the ball over and they attack. They make huge amounts of ground fast and then from a 5m ruck Toomua snipes for the line nice and low and scores the third Brumbies TRY!


23.00: Lealiifano nails the conversion.


25.00: The Brumbies are dominating the Sharks. They are just pinning them back and forcing them to constantly defend. It’s all Brumbies attack. Sharks have made 53 tackles so far and missed 5.


26.00: The Brumbies continue to attack but this time the Sharks knock the ball out of Mogg’s hand and rolls out. Jannie du Plessis is getting some help with his eye from the medics while we wait.


28.00: The game resumes and the Sharks win a scrum and kick it deep for the Brumbies who start their attack again. When the Brumbies attack they make huge amounts of ground that the Sharks just look like they are walking backwards. This time the Brumbies lose the ball which gives the Sharks a scrum.


31.00; Brumbies come close to scoring again as the Sharks defence is a mess. However there is a knock on and the Brumbies are called back.


33.00: The Sharks have had to make 82 tackles so far. Normally a team would make around 110 a game. The Sharks are constantly on the backfoot.


34.00: This is simply incredible. The Brumbies lose a scrum but they turn the ball over and pop the ball out to Henry Speight who stretches the Sharks again and he scores in the corner. Bonus point TRY!


35.00: Lealiifano nails the conversion.


38.00: Now even the Sharks scrum is disintegrating. It’s all Brumbies in every facet of the game.


39.00: The Sharks have a line out inside the Brumbies half. It goes long and the Brumbies take the ball. Even the line out is

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