Chiefs beat Kings in Port Elizabeth

The Southern Kings have the best defensive record in Super Rugby currently as they have completed a higher percentage of their tackles than any other team.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.


The Kings kick off and we are underway.


2.00: The Kings knock on early so we have a scrum. The Chiefs win the scrum and start thier attack. They move the ball through the team and just lose the ball forward about 5m out. Explosive start.


3.00: The Kings are under severe pressure here. The Chiefs charge down the Kings clearance kick and the Chiefs concede an offside penalty. Demetri Catrakilis kicks for touch.


6.00: The Chiefs win a scrum and fire off the back on attack. The final pass to Lelia Masaga goes to ground. It is clear that the Chiefs have come to play.


8.00: Chiefs work the ball forward to about 3m out. They move the ball wide and a long pass goes in for Tim Nanai-Williams and he gets a huge tackle and the ball goes to ground. The Chiefs are caught for offside at the ruck so the Kings have a penalty. No wait the Chiefs get a penalty on the TMO’s reccomendation. (Tackling the player without the ball)


9.00: Gareth Anscombe takes the kick and slots it. The Chiefs are on the board.


11.00: The Kings enjoy some attacking ball in the Chiefs half. The pressure they put on rewards them with a penalty. Catrakilis will kick for posts.


13.00: Catrakilis takes the kick and nails it to level the scores.


15.00: Kevin Buys concedes a penalty so Gareth Anscombe will take a shot at the posts. He nails it in off the post so the Chiefs are back in front.


18.00: The Chiefs go on attack but their handling lets them down again and they knock on. The Kings kick for touch but don’t find it.


19.00: The Chiefs build up their momentum and spin the ball out to Lelia Masaga on the wing and he dives in for the first TRY.


20.00: Anscombe gets under pressure form the ref to take the conversion quickly but he nails it. The new laws state that the kicker has 90 seconds to take the kick and Anscombe’s ball fell over.


22.00: The Kings have lost SP Marais so George Whitehead comes on. Incidentally the Kings lost Darron Nell before the match and Steven Sykes is the captain.


23.00: Thomas Leonardi comes on for Wimpie van der Walt. The Kings get a maul rolling about 5m out. They go through the phases but the Chiefs turn the ball over and counter attack. A foot goes in touch though.


25.00: Penalty to the Chiefs. They kick for touch and set up the line out.


27.00: Penalty to the Kings in front of the posts. They will kick for posts. Catrakilis takes the penalty and nails it.


30.00: The Chiefs have the ball on attack and they find a gap. They get stopped initially but then with the second phase they go over. We have to go upstairs to check though. Lelia Masaga waits to find out if he has a double.


32.00: Ross Filipo comes off injured but the try is awarded. Anscombe misses the conversion.


34.00: The Chiefs are back on attack on the 5m line. Interestingly the Kings are only allowed two foreigners in their squad but today they have three in Leonardi, Vergallo and Parkes. The Kings hang on in defence.


36.00: Chiefs possession is at 55% in favour of the Chiefs currently. The Chiefs are currently on the 5m line. The Kings however win a scrum and Catrakilis kicks the ball out to safety.


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