Toulouse cancel all training due to mumps scare

French top 14 Rugby club Toulouse have cancelled all training sessions for a week over a mumps scare.

At the request of French rugby’s medical commission, the club have ordered all players to stay away from the ground and not to get in contact with each other in order to avoid a potential outbreak of the highly contagious disease.

The problem arose when it emerged that a player from recent opponents Bayonne was diagnosed with mumps after Toulouse’s 42-6 victory on February 28.

“The National Rugby want us to exercise extreme caution after the discovery of a case of mumps among Bayonne players,” a club statement said.

As a result, “no group training sessions or club meetings will take place at the Ernest Wallon stadium until after next Sunday”, the statement added.

Toulouse did play at home on Saturday, beating Begles-Bordeaux 33-32, but will not now train until next Monday ahead of their next fixture, also at home to Stade Francais on March 24.

Mumps, a common viral disease in childhood, causes swelling of the glands and can be rather more serious when contracted in adulthood, with occasional complications.

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