Sharks beat Southern Kings in Port Elizabeth

The Southern Kings shocked the Western Force in their opening match so they can say that they are the only team in Super Rugby who have never lost a match.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.


The match is underway.


The Sharks start strongly in the Southern Kings half.


6.00: The first penalty of the match goes to the Sharks for entering the ruck on the side. Pat Lambie takes the kick and nails it.


9.00: The Sharks are still on attack and Louis Ludik looks to have scored the first TRY. The TMO denies him saying its a forward pass.


14.00: Penalty to the Sharks again. Lambie takes the kick and nails it.


14.00: Sharks possession is at 85 % so far.


18.00: Attendance is 42 000 for this match. The Sharks have the ball in the Kings half.


19.00: The Kings get some relief as they kick the ball downfield. Jean Deysel has to come off and Jacques Botes comes on.


23.00; Southern Kings holding the Sharks back well but also not making much ground.


25.00: Penalty to the Sharks. Lambie takes the kick and nails it.  69% possession so far for the Sharks.


29.00: Both teams using the boot extensively now. The Sharks kick so deep it goes over the dead ball line.


31.00: Penalty for the Kings. Demetri Catrakilis takes the kick and nails it. The Kings are on the board.


The Sharks start going through the phases and they get to the 5m line. Then they go for the line and the Kings hang on. They get held up so we go back for a 5m scrum.


34.00: Sharks kick for the corner and the line out. They win the line out and move the ball to the middle. Ludik goes over but he doesnt score. 5m scrum


38.00: The Kings defence has been outstanding for a team playing in their second Super Rugby match. The scrums are a bit of a mess as neither team can finish a scrum. We have been in the same place on the field for five minutes.


39.00: The Sharks win the scrum and spin the ball out wide. They can’t find a hole so they try changing sides. The Sharks go from side to side sending wave after wave but no holes appear.


40.00: The Kings defence is so tight the Sharks give up attackig and go for the drop goal and Lambie goes for the drop goal. It hits the post and goes in. It’s also half time.


The half time score was Southern Kings 3 Sharks 12


The second half is underway.


42.00: Penalty to the Southern Kings. They kick for touch.


43.00: The Sharks are gtting a little frustrated as another penalty is awarded to the Kings. They kick for touch again.


46.00: Another penalty for the Kings. Catrakilis kicks for touch.


48.00: The Kings win the line out and attack inside the Sharks 22. They get to about 10m out and Catrakilis knocks on.


50.00: The Southern Kings defence is strong and they keep the Sharks out again.


51.00: The Sharks attack and Mvovo comes close to scoring in the corner but he is held up by Catrakalis. We go back for a penalty.


53.00: Lambie takes the kick and the Kings charge too early, Lambie misses from in front but he gets another shot due to the early charge. This time he nails it.  


57.00: Penalty to the Southern Kings. Catrakilis takes th

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