Reds beat Waratahs in Brisbane

The Reds and Waratahs meet on Saturday in a clash that features two teams with enormous rivalry as they are neighboring states.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.


00.1: The Waratahs kick off and we are underway. Reds knock on so we have a Waratahs scrum.


1.00: Waratahs win the first scrum and start to attack in the Reds 22.  Folau gets his first touch of the ball but is tackled. The Waratahs win a penalty so they will kick for posts.


3.00: Brendan McKibbin takes the penalty kick and nails it. Waratahs lead.


5.00: After some early domination from the Waratahs the Reds turn the ball over and attack. Dom Shipperley crashes over the tryline taking two Waratahs with him as he scores the first TRY of the match.


7.00: Mike Harris takes the kick and it’s inch perfect from almost the touchline.


9.00: As the Waratahs are attacking Reds centre  Ben Tapuai intercepts a pop up pass from Kepu and races away to score the Reds second TRY! Last week the Reds failed to score a try.


10.00: Mike Harris takes the conversion kick and nails it. Perfect strike.


13.00: Ed Quirk bashes his way through Drew Mitchell’s tackle and the Reds are finding holes in the Waratahs. Reds on attack in the Waratahs 25. They get to the 5m line but are called back for a penalty in front of the posts.


15.00: Mike Harris nails the penalty and the Reds have a handsome lead.


16.00: Penalty in front of the posts for the Waratahs. They will go for posts.


17.00: McKibbin takes the kick but it’s wide and he misses.


19.00: Waratahs building up their attack in the Reds 25. They go through 12 phases on attack. Reds defending but going backwards. Hooper goes wide and is pushed out. We go back for a penalty. McKibbin puts it into touch. Liam Gill goes off for a concussion test.


20.00: Reds disrupt the Waratahs line out set piece and boot the ball out to safety. The Reds then get the ball back and Jarrad Butler who has just come on races down the wing. The Waratahs are falling off tackles.


21.00: The Waratahs are hanging on at Suncorp. The Reds are up to match speed after last week while the Waratahs look slow.


23.00: Reds full of attack and trying all kinds of moves. The Waratahs try to kick the ball deep but it is charged down. We go back for a scrum for the Reds in front of the posts.


24.00: Reds try a grubber for Ioane but Folau gets back and the Waratahs kick into touch and clear the ball.


26.00: Reds dominating possession and forcing the Waratahs big boys to run around the field to tire them out.  Reds get to the 22 after 11 phases but they concede a penalty.


27.00: Penalty to the Waratahs. Adam Ashley-Cooper is down and does not look good. McKibbin takes the penalty kick as Ashley-Cooper gets back up. McKibbin misses.


30.00: Penalty in their half to the Waratahs. They kick for touch.


31.00: The Waratahs charge down a Quade Cooper kick. Kane Douglas and Cooper chase the ball as it goes over the tryline. We go to the TMO to check. Lost forward by the Tahs. Reds scrum.


32.00: The Waratahs have replaced Sitaleki Timani but he does not seem to be injured.


35.00: Penalty to the Waratahs. They kick to the corner to set up the line out.


36.00: As the Waratahs attack Adam Ashley-Cooper coughs

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