All Blacks to wear silver at Rugby World cup

The French team sponsor Nike has revealed a new strip with a new darker navy jersey, which is a departure from the traditional light blue.

That sounds like nothing big but it could be an edge for the French team if they play the All Blacks because if the All Blacks face France at this year’s Rugby World Cup as an away team they will have to wear their alternate strip, which is mainly silver.

About the only way for France to meet the All Blacks (if France win their pool) at the Rugby World cup is in the final and if that happens the All Blacks will wear their silver away kit so that it does not clash with the dark blue of the French.

The move by the French is believed to try to give the French a psychological edge. It will still come down to coin toss though as the Rugby World cup is considered to be a neutral venue. In the 2003 final Australia were technically the “away” team and England were the home team.

French rugby writer Ian Borthwick has dismissed the theory and believes there is no suggestion it has been deliberately done to gain any advantage over the All Blacks. He says it could simply be a move by Nike to release a new range of clothing ahead of the tournament.

Meanwhile, All Blacks manager Darren Shand spoke the NZ Herald and spoke up the positives saying : “We have the silver and black Addidas strip to wear when needed. It’s not our first choice but the colours and the fern clearly make it an All Blacks jersey and it’ll be something a bit different for any players who wear it.

“We expect to wear our alternate strip against Scotland during this year’s Rugby World Cup but it’s a bit early to say what teams we might see in the knockout round.”

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