Saracens blocked from hosting match in New York

Saracens have failed in a third bid to host a Heineken Cup match outside of Europe after plans to stage a match against Munster had to be dropped due to a technical issue.

Saracens had hoped to play Munster on December the 16th in New York at the MetLife Stadium which is home to American football sides the New York Giants and New York Jets.

Munster said that had received an informal approach from Saracens about playing the game in New York and had looked at in “positively”.

However the match cannot go ahead in New York as Saracens would not be allowed to erect rugby posts in the stadium’s artificial turf according to Saracens chief executive Edward Griffiths.

“We are in a unique position this season because our new stadium, Allianz Park, is not ready and we saw this an opportunity to take some top-class rugby matches where we could create big events that people want to watch,” Griffiths said.

“I went to New York in July and looked at the MetLife Stadium,” Griffiths said of the 82 500 seater stadium.

“We looked at the size of the pitch and it came down in the end to the fact that we would need to put rugby posts into the artificial turf.”

“The owners of the two NFL teams didn’t want the poles going into the turf, they wanted them going in behind the line so it wouldn’t affect the line where their score a touchdown.

“It was disappointing because we wanted to put it on a grand stage and the MetLife Stadium is a fantastic venue at Meadowlands.”

“My feeling was if we had been able to play there we would have had a great occasion,” he told the Telegraph.

“The indication from Munster, too, was that they would be eager to receive a proposal. I think they had worked out for an Irish team to go to New York made quite a lot of sense.”

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