Reds beat Highlanders in Brisbane

The Reds and the Highlanders have not played each other in Super Rugby since the 2010 Super 14 as they missed each other in the draw last year.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.


0.01: Quade Cooper kicks off and we are underway.


2.00: The Highlanders have made a strong start by moving the ball from their half up to the Reds 25. They get to about 10m out and Josh Bekhuis loses the ball in a tackle.


5.00: The Highlanders are keeping the Reds under plenty of pressure in their half. The Highlanders show good continuity and it wins them a penalty.


7.00: Mike Delany takes the kick and slots it. Highlanders lead.


8.00: The Reds get the ball from the restart and try to attack. Shipperley is pushed into touch but they have a penalty.


9.00: Mike Harris takes the kick and levels the scores.


12.00: The Reds win a line out and start to attack in the Highlanders half. The Highlanders turn the ball over and have the overlap but the ball is passed straight out. We go back for a knock on.


14.00:  Referee Jonathan Kaplan has a word with the captains about repeated infringements and awards a penalty to the Highlanders.


15.00: Delany takes the penalty kick but misses.


17.00: Scott Higginbotham thinks he has scored a try for the Reds after the Reds kicked ahead but Quade Cooper was offside – about 5m in front of the kicker. No try.


21.00: Both teams still testing each other out and looking to spread the ball wide. Hosea Gear tries to break down the wing but Shipperley stops him.


22.00: The Reds try to attack as Cooper kicks for the wing and Higginbotham can’t take the ball cleanly and he is pushed into touch.


24.00: The Reds are on attack in the Highlanders 25. They make some ground but then the Highlanders turn it over and kick the ball out.


28.00: The Reds are starting to look dangerous on the counter attack. Higginbotham has been all over the field and almost gets an intercept but he misses. Genia recycles but the Reds knock on and Higginbotham goes down injured. He gets back up to carry on though after a break.


31.00: Penalty to the Reds. Mike Harris takes the kick and nails it. The Reds lead.


34.00: Both teams struggling to get more than four phases together as the handling errors are creeping in.


35.00: Quade Cooper has a couple of attempted breaks but he can’t find a way through.


37.00: The Reds keep the ball alive and go wide, Cooper regathers the ball and passes to Harris but is goes into touch.


39.00: The Highlanders make as hash of their line out so the Reds haev an attacking scrum about 10m out.


40.00:As the siren sounds the Reds win the scrum and attack. They try to bust through the middle but they are unable to find a hole.


41.00: Harris goes for a drop goal but its a shocker. It’s half time.

The half time score was Reds 6  Highlanders 3

The second half is underway.


41.00: Jimmy Cowan has been replaced for the second half.


42.00: Highlanders try and work the ball through the phases but the Reds are caught infringeing so the Highlanders get a free kick and they kick for touch.


44.00: The Reds turn the ball over while the Highlanders are on attack. Dom Shipperley b

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