Western Force beat Lions in Perth

The Force have won the last four straight Super Rugby matches between them and the Force regardless of the venue.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.


The match is underway.


1.00: The Lions make a strong start putting the Force under pressure in the Force’s 25.


3.00: First completed scrum of the match is won by the Force but they use the up and under and give the ball to the Lions who use it to attack.


4.00: The Lions show some good handling skills and go through the phases and the Force run out of defenders and Michael Killian scores. TRY!


5.00: Elton Jantjies takes the conversion but misses.


9.00: Lions work the ball back into the Force’s half. They set up a maul which gets them into the Force’s 25. It is however slow and the Force turn the ball over.


12.00: Penalty to the Lions. Jantjies takes the kick and slots it.


15.00: The Force are growing in confidence. They kick downfield and the Lions fumble the ball and have to kick it out. A white card has been issued for a possible bite on Toby Lynn by CJ Van der Linde. Video evidence available already indicates that the former Springbok may be on the sidelines for some time.


16.00 Penalty to the Force. Ben Seymour will take the kick. He misses. Still no score.


22.00: The Force get a penalty. They choose the line out and attack. The ref stops play and gives the Lions a warning. Ben Syemour will kick for posts again.


23.00: Seymour nails the kick and the Force are on the board.


27.00: Passing gets a little loose and the Lions break out. The Force however get back and stop the Lions and they launch their attack. After 7 phases they are about to go over but they knock on.


28.00: Jaco Taute comes off with a shoulder injury. It looks bad.


32.00: The Force have a scrum on the Lions 5m line. Its a mess so the Ref gives the Lions another scrum. They win the next scrum and kick the ball out. The Force start their attack all over again.


36.00: The Lions concede another scrum penalty so the Force kick for touch. They win the line out but get pushed out on the other side.


38.00: The Lions are putting the Force under some pressure in the Force’s 25. The Force hang on and defend.


39.00: The Force turn the ball over and kick it out.


40.00: The Lions win a line out and attack but the Force win a penalty so they kick the ball out. Its’s half time.

The half time score was Force 3 Lions 8

The second half is underway.


42.00: The Force start very strongly going through the phases but after 15 phases they knock on – 5m out.


45.00: Penalty to the Force just inside their half. They kick four touch but they don’t make much ground. The Lions then turn the ball over after the line out and Jantjies kicks deep.


47.00: Derrick Minnie concedes a penalty so the Force kick for territory.


50.00: The Lions win a penalty, Jantjies kicks for touch and the Lions win the line out. The Force however turn the ball over and attack.


51.00: The Force knock on. It’s not really a surprise that these teams are in the bottom half. This match is not a good advert for Super Rugby.


55.00: The Force break out (Nalaga) and the crowd goes wild with exc

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