Brumbies beat Hurricanes in Wellington

The Brumbies won the last Super Rugby match between these two sides but the Hurricanes won all four matches, against the Brumbies, prior to that game.

Match details

We are waiting for the kick-off.


0.00: Zack Holmes gets proceedings under way as he kicks off for the Brumbies in Wellington.


1.00: The Hurricanes gain momentum early on as Andre Taylor makes a solid break. They are unable to hold onto the ball, however, and the Brumbies will have a put-in at a scrum just inside Hurricanes territory.


4.00: The Brumbies string together phases as they work their way inside the Hurricanes’ 22. They get within 10m of the line and are awarded a penalty as the Hurricanes are pinged for not rolling away. Holmes will have a kick at goal, directly in front of the uprights.


5.00: Holmes’ kick sails over, handing the Brumbies an early lead.


7.00: The Hurricanes gain momentum off the back of a lineout inside Brumbies territory. The visitors are able to affect a steal, however, and the ball is punted into touch to reduce the pressure.


8.00: The Brumbies are able to string together phases to get within 5m of the line. Fotu Auelua dots down for the visitors’ opening try.


9.00: Holmes converts the try.


11.00: The Hurricanes are pinged for offside and the Brumbies clear from inside their own half.


13.00: The Hurricanes work their way into Brumbies territory before the visitors are penalised for offside. Tusi Pisi kicks for touch to set up a lineout inside the Brumbies’ 22.


14.00: The home side work their way within 10m of the line. The Brumbies are penalised for a deliberate knock-on and the Hurricanes opt to kick for the corner instead of having a kick at goal.


15.00: TJ Perenara dots down for his sixth try of the season as he makes a quick break off the base of a ruck.


16.00: Taylor is unable to convert the try.


17.00: Brad Shields is penalised for playing the ball on the ground. Jesse Mogg will have a long-range kick at goal from 57m out.


18.00: The ball bounces off the crossbar and the scoreline remains unchanged.


19.00: The Hurricanes are penalised once again; this time for hands in the ruck. Holmes will line up a shot at goal from 25m out.


20.00: Holmes’ kick is on target, extending the Brumbies’ lead.


22.00: The Brumbies are pinged at the breakdown inside their own territory. Taylor will have a kick at posts from 30m out.


23.00: Taylor slots the kick, reducing the deficit.


25.00: The Hurricanes gain momentum as they work their way into the Brumbies’ 22. Pisi loses the ball in a tackle, however, and the Brumbies will have a put-in at a defensive scrum.


27.00: The Hurricanes charge towards the line. Jason Eaton runs towards the corner and is able to get the ball over the line but the TMO rules his foot is in touch.


28.00: Victor Vito loops round and runs a good angle off the back of a Hurricanes scrum and dots down for his side’s second try of the night.


29.00: Taylor bangs over the conversion.


33.00: The Brumbies prepare for a throw-in at a lineout inside Hurricanes territory. The throw is not straight, however, and the Hurricanes have a put-in at a scrum.


38.00: The Brumbies gain momentum as they string together phases inside the Hurricanes’ 22. They lose the

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