Brumbies beat Lions in Johannesburg

This week’s Lions vs Brumbies Super Rugby match puts the lowest ranked South African team against the top Australian Super Rugby team.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.


The teams are on the field. The Brumbies kick off and we are underway.


2.00: The Brumbies have started well and look intimidating at the breakdown already.


3.00: The Lions are doing lots of defending but the Brumbies kick deep – too deep and the ball goes straight into touch. Butch James restarts and finds touch.


4.00: The Lions win their line out and spin the ball out to the backs. Deon van Rensburg runs through the Brumbies defence and makes ground but the Brumbies manage to stop the Lions on the 5m line but concede a penalty. Conrad Jantjies will kick for posts.


5.00: Jantjies takes the kick and nails it. The Lions lead.


7.00: The Lions knock on Tian Meyer so the Brumbies have a scrum. They run the ball but the Lions turn it over and they attack. Eventually the Lions knock on.


9.00: Pat Cilliers comes off for a blood bin and Jacobie Adriaans comes on. The Brumbies break away after a scrum and Joe Tomane comes close to scoring but he knocks on and the Lions clear the ball.


10.00: The Brumbies have suddenly upped the pace and pressure and the drive for the line and score. TRY to Ruaidhri Murphy.


12.00: Christian Lealiifano takes the conversion and misses amid plenty of boos from the crowd. Interestingly when the Lions kick for posts the stadium play a sound clip which counts to three in Afrikaans and gets the crowd to “Ssshhhhhh” but when the Brumbies kick they don’t play it

 – thats what home advantage is all about.


14.00: After the restart the Brumbies don’t release the tackler so Jantjies will kick for posts. The sound clip plays and Jantjies nails it. That was a big kick.


16.00: The Lions then concede a penalty after the restart so Lealiifano will kick – amid boos, whistles and jeers from the crowd. He misses. The crowd are clearly on the Lions side.


18.00: The Lions give away another penalty after Fotu Auelua has a run. Jesse Mogg takes the kick and also misses. The crowd loves it as that’s 8 points missed with the boot.


22.00: The Brumbies are using the boot to get downfield and then defending waiting for the Lions to make a mistake with the ball. The Lions make some ground but knock on.


24.00: The Lions almost get away with an interception after the Brumbies got the ball when Jantjies dropped it from a high kick but they the Lions are called back. Its messy.


25.00: The Brumbies attack from their scrum and Speight races into the corner and scores the second TRY!!


27.00: Jesse Mogg takes the conversion but it hits the post.


29.00: The game turns into a bout of ping pong with the ball going from side to side. Eventually the Brumbies decide to run the ball and the Lions are caught offside so we are called back after Speight had another run. Brumbies kick for the corner and the line out.


31.00: Brumbies win the line out. They work the ball to the middle and Lealiifano goes over but drops the ball!


32.00: The Brumbies charge down a Lions kick and get a line out. They win it but then after that the Lions turn over the ball and Jantjies kicks it out.


33.00: The Brumbies break through again and this time Andrew Smith scores the try! In the las

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