Berbizier assured of Top 14 Club Racing job

Top 14 Rugby Racing Metro Director of Sport Pierre Berbizier has been given an assurance that he will be retained in his position for next season by club president Jacky Lorenzetti.

The re-appointment of the former France and Italy coach comes after a rocky patch earlier in the season when popular assistant coach Simon Mannix was sacked, igniting dissent among the players.

However, Lorenzetti said that he hadn’t thought twice about keeping Berbizier in his position for next season.

“Without hesitation I say yes,” said Lorenzetti, replaying to a question about whether Berbizier would still be there.

“Pierre Berbizier will be sports director, without doubt with enlarged responsibilities, and I for sure will also be president,” added Lorenzetti, who was speaking on the sidelines of a protest against the club’s plans for a new stadium.

Lorenzetti, whose side look set to make the top six and the end of season title play-offs, said that doubts still existed about the future of veteran lock and former France captain Lionel Nallet.

“It is a complicated story which was simple to start with as Lionel had given us his word (to extend his contract) and afterwards he went back on his decision.

“We plan to see him next week to dicuss the matter.”

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