Cheetahs beat Lions in Bloemfontein

These two teams have played each other 8 times since they split for the Super 14 and both teams have won four matches and lost four matches.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.


The match is underway.


2.00: Lions start relatively well pushing the Cheetahs back into their half.


3.00: The Cheetahs win a scrum and get some good atacking ball and they use it well by moving the ball forward and pushing the Lions back deep into their territory. The Lions however turn the ball over.


7.00: The Cheetahs win a penalty so Johan Goosen will kick for posts – from 66m out! He misses.


9.00: Several re-set scrums slow up the game. Eventually the Cheetahs win a scrum and move the ball out.


10.00: The Lions look to be targeting Ashley Johnson as some enormous hits are going in.


12.00: The Cheetahs show some good width with the ball but they lose it forward so the effort comes to nothing.


14.00: Derick Minnie makes a break for the Lions but he is just caught and the Cheetahs kick the ball down and kick downfield. The Lions then get the ball and kick it back.


16.00: Lots of attack from both sides on broken play. The Lions look very dangerous for a moment but the Cheetahs turn it over. The ball changes sides a few more times and then there is a knock on. Still no score.


19.00: Penalty to the Cheetahs. Goosen takes the shot from 50m out. He nails it.


20.00: The Lions try to clear the ball by kicking out of their 25 but the kick is awful. The Cheetahs pounce on the ball and change sides and Rober Ebersohn scores the first TRY!!


22.00: Goosen adds the conversion.


25.00: Butch James gets a talking to for a tackle and the Cheetahs get a penalty. Goosen nails the kick.


28.00: Elton Jantjies concedes a penalty for a high tackle. Goosen will go for posts.


29.00: Goosen takes the shot and nails it.


32.00: The Lions are coming under some serious pressure here. They kick for the corner but it goes too long.


34.00: The Cheetahs have the Lions under the cosh here. They spot a gap in the Lions defence and Robert Ebersohn slips through after a clever pass from Willie le Roux and scores.


35.00: Johan Goosen adds the conversion.


38.00: The Lions are desperate to get some points before half time. They work the ball up to the Cheetahs 5m line and then the Cheetahs concede a penalty. They kick for touch.


39.00: Lions attacking on the left and the right but the Cheetahs defence is solid.


40.00: The siren goes and the Lions are still on attack. They go over the line but get called back.


41.00: The Lions attack again and again but they are held up. We go back for a penalty.


42.00: The Lions run the ball again. They move the ball wide but the ball is passed into touch. Thats it half time.

The half time score is Cheetahs 23 Lions 0

The second half is underway.


42.00: Lions start where they finished the first half. They are full of attack against the Cheetahs.


43.00: It looks like Goosen is coming off and being replaced by Sias Ebersohn.


44.00: Ashley Johnson makes a break but is caught.


45.00: The Lions win a penalty so they kick for t

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