Lions will report Match Official to SANZAR

Coach John Mitchell has revealed that the Lions will report the Television Match Official on their match against the Sharks to SANZAR as they have evidence that he did not do his job.

The Lions lost their second match of the season when they went down 32-20 to the Sharks and Mitchell admits that they had made errors at key times during the game, which proved costly.

The Lions came within seven points of the Sharks twice in the final quarter, before eventually going down in their second loss of the season.

“We suffered because I think the Sharks dominated field position enough to force three or four errors in our own half,” said the Lions boss.

However Mitchell has hit out at the officiating from referee Mark Lawrence’s assistants.

“There were some dubious officials tonight, so we’re going to have to report the TMO (Johann Meuwesen) on the evidence that we have,” he said.

Mitchell would not elaborate on what evidence the Lions had on Meuwesen but said that they will take it through the official channels.

“That’s something we’ll have to deal with upstairs.

“They won’t change the result, but clearly (the officials) need to be accountable at this level.”

The Sharks scored four tries in the match and two went to TMO Meuwesen and he awarded both tries. One to Lwazi Mvovo and the other to Ruan Dreyer.

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