Blue Bulls have the right Currie Cup players

Blue Bulls Currie Cup coach Pine Pienaar has insisted that he will stick with the players he has as he believes he has the right players.

The Blue Bulls lost 29-37 to the Sharks at the weekend and their place in the Currie Cup play offs is in serious doubt.

“I believe the players we have are the right ones we need to turn the season around, ” Pienaar told Beeld.

“On Saturday, we played against ourselves unfortunately. We made way too many errors and conceded too many penalties. If you fall behind early like we did (16-0 after 18 minutes), you start chasing the game and become too anxious. ”

Pienaar said he is very aware of the fact that this performance by his team will not be acceptable to any Bulls fan. “I believe we have the potential in the team to turn it around, ” he assured.

“As a team effort we failed miserably this time around and we are under massive pressure right now. We did not protect the ball and played poor rugby at the breakdown. ” Pienaar admits a long fight ahead to reach the semifinals.

“It is almost knock-out rugby for us from here on and we will have to win all our matches to get into the semifinals. ”

Pienaar said the poor kicking display from Louis Fouché was a source of concern, but that hard work will sort out the problem.

“I still see Louis as one of the best defensive fly halves in the game, but he will need to work harder on his kicking game. ”

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