Currie Cup Premier Division cut to six teams

The Currie Cup Premier Division will be contested by six teams from 2012 and eight teams will play in the Currie Cup First Division, the SARU General Council decided today at a meeting in Newlands.

The decision was confirmed after a majority vote was cast in favour of the format by delegates of SARU’s 14 provincial unions. The Currie Cup Premier Division currently consists of eight provincial teams.

“The General Council accepted by majority vote an Executive Council proposal of an Currie Cup Premier Division which will consist of six teams from next year. Our unions debated this proposal, as well as a counter-proposal, in a robust and mature manner and in the end they made a decision which will ultimately benefit South African rugby,” said SARU President, Regan Hoskins.

Mr Hoskins, James Stoffberg (SARU Vice-President) and Jurie Roux (SARU CEO) were also confirmed as the SARU delegates to SASCOC, the SA Olympic body.

Another point on the agenda was the discussion of South African rugby franchises’ participation in Super Rugby post 2012.

This topic was deferred for discussion at the President’s Forum to be held in November.

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