Springbok Tyibilika ‘to be fired’

South Africa’s transformation debacle took another turn on Thursday when it was discovered that Solly Tyibilika is to be fired from the Lions.


Tyibilika has a Springbok contract.

After reports that Tyibilika has not been turning up for Vodacom Cup practices with the Golden Lions, after he was dropped from the Super 14 side, it has been confirmed his contract is to be terminated.

The President of the Golden Lions Rugby Union (GLRU), Jannie Ferreira, said that he has been on a “final warning”.

“Solly has been warned three times, and we have now sent him a letter that his contract is to be terminated,” Ferreira said.

“We will pursue the correct legal channels in doing so, and we will work both with SA Rugby [the commercial arm of the South African Rugby Union who contract Tyibilika] and with SARPA [South African Rugby Players Association].

“It is very sad because Solly is a player of great potential.

“But it doesn’t matter who you are, you still have to work within the system.”

Tyibilika was then contacted himself, which is more than the Lions have reportedly been able to do.

Tyibilika said he was unaware that his contract is to be terminated, and said he has just never been given the opportunity to play since he burst onto the scene so successfully with the Sharks.

He did confirm he has been playing club rugby, but asked to withhold comment until he knew more of the current circumstances.

All in all, this promises to be another sad chapter in South African rugby’s bid for transformation.

By Chris Waldburger 365 Digital 

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