Hurricanes beat Lions in Wellington

The first match on Saturday is between the Hurricanes and the Lions who are both out of the running and look likely to finish the season at the bottom of their respective conferences.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.


The match is underway.


2.00: A couple of early errors help the Lions to make a good start. Plenty of possession on the 25m line but they don’t gain much ground.


3.00: The Hurricanes turn the ball over after a forward pass and they run the ball into the Lions 25. They kick agead and chase the ball at the tryline and a Lions player just gets there in time. Hurricanes 5m attacking scrum.


4.00: The Hurricanes win the scrum and on the second recycle Aaron Cruden splits the Lions and ducks under a tackle and scores the first TRY!!


5.00: Cruden takes the conversion and missses it.


7.00: The Lions win a penalty for not releasing. Elton Jantjies takes the kick and nails it.


10.00: The Hurricanes work the ball into the Lions 25 from the restart. The Lions turn it over and kick it out.


11.00: The Hurricanes try to gain some ground in the Lions half but they concede a penalty. Jantjies boots it downfield.


14.00: The Hurricanes concede another penalty so Jantjies gets a shot at goal. He nails it. The Lions lead.


17.00: The Lions are starting to take control of the match. They set up a Hurricanes line out in the Hurricanes half and are keeping the home side pressed back in their half.


19.00: Penalty to the Hurricanes. Lions holding on. Cruden kicks the ball downfield.


21.00: Territory 60% and Possession 53 % both favouring the Lions.


24.00: There is not a lot on but Jaco Taute kicks an up and under in the Hurricanes 25 – he chases the ball beats Gear as the bounce helps and dives on the ball and scores. TRY!!


25.00: Elton Jantjies adds the conversion.


28.00: The Lions are not as confident after the restarts. They concede a penalty in their half (playing the ball on the ground) so Aaron Cruden takes the kick and slots it.


31.00: The Lions hold on to the ball after the restart and work the ball into the Hurricanes 25. Doppies La Grange gets the ball and runs for the line. Two Hurricanes tacklers tackle unconvincingly and he is allowed to carry on running and scores. TRY!!


32.00: Elton Jantjies adds the conversion.


35.00: Nonu makes a break after a Hurricanes line out. He passes to Rico Gear and he jogs forward and scores. TRY


37.00: Aaaron Cruden adds the conversion.


39.00: The Lions work the ball into the Hurricanes 25 but the siren sounds as the Hurricanes turn the ball over and kick it out.


It’s half time.


The half time score was Hurricanes 15 Lions 20


The second half is underway.


42.00: The Hurricanes make strong start by attacking the Lions in their 25. The pressure pays off as the Hurricanes win a penalty.


43.00: Cruden takes the penalty kick and nails it.


46.00: The Hurricanes are much more involved in the game in this half. They are playing the game in the Lions half more too.


47.00: Penalty to the Hurricanes after Nonu gets away with a very forward pass. Cruden takes the penalty kick and he nai

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