Bulls beat Hurricanes in Napier

Like the other two New Zealand based matches this weekend this match has been moved out of the big city and this will be held in Napier.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.


The match is underway.


Morne Steyn goes for the high ball as soo as he gets it. He catches the Hurricanes offside and the Bulls have a penalty.


1.00: Steyn takes the kick and slots it.


4.00: It’s a tough physical clash already.


6.00: The Hurricanes kick the ball to the corner and the Bulls have to chase. They get back and take the ball into touch.


8.00: The line out is scratchy and the Bulls get a defending scrum. Spies runs off the back of the scrum and tries to get the ball out.


9.00: Penalty to the Bulls in their half. They kick for touch.


11.00: The match is held up as Neemia Tialata is injured and gets some attention. He carries on.


13.00: The Bulls pass the ball to Morne Steyn who sends over a drop goal and doubles the Bulls score.


15.00: Another penalty to the Bulls here at Napier. Steyn takes the kick and slots it.


20.00: Penalty to the Hurricanes. Kirkpatrick wants to kick for touch but is told to kick for posts.


22.00: Kirkpatrick takes the kick and misses. The Bulls kick the ball way downfield in response. The Bulls then win the line out and attack.


23.00: The Bulls struggle to get through and Steyn goes for another drop goal and nails it. Bulls keeping the scoreboard ticking. Steyn has kicked 19 drop goals – two in this match.


28.00: The Bulls are awarded another penalty. Steyn goes for the shot and again slots it.


30.00: Hurricanes get the ball into the Bulls 25.Jack Lam  has a busting run but is stopped short. He recycles but the Hurricanes botch it and the Bulls kick the ball out. The Canes though have a 5m line out.  


31.00: The Hurricanes get their best attacking ball as they swing the ball wide and get the overlap. Jane’s pass goes forward. Botched opportuinity for a try.


35.00: The Hurricanes get a penalty which Kirkpatrick wants to kick. He takes the shot and nails it. The Hurricanes are on the board.


38.00: Hurricanes coming more into the game. They attack but the Bulls turn it over and then Hougaard kicks it out on the full.


40.05: The siren goes for half time. The Hurricanes have a penalty. Daniel Kirkpatrick takes the kick and misses.  It’s half time.


The half time score is Hurricanes 3 Bulls 15


The second half is underway.


43.00: The Hurricanes have changed their game plan for this half as they are making more ground.


44.00: The Hurricanes work the ball up to the Bulls tryline. They show patience and Serge Lilo scores the first try of the match.


45.00: Kirkpatrick misses the conversion.


48.00: The Hurricanes are playing a more intelligent game this half. It’s a much more even contest.


49.00: Kirchner goes for a high ball but knocks on. We go back though for a penalty. Kirkpatrick takes the kick but misses.


55.00: The Bulls win a scrum and get some attacking ball. The go through the phases but each time they are confronted with a yellow wall.


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