Force beat Lions in Johannesburg

It’s been four years since the Force managed back to back Super Rugby victories but that will be that is what they will be attempting to do against the Force.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.


It’s a wet, wet day on the Highveld so we are not expecting much running rugby.


0.01: O’Connor kicks off and we are underway.


1.00: Both teams looking for touch and Cameron Shepherd finds it. The Force win the line out and run.


3.00: Neither side is really taking control of the match but the Force have a slight territorial advantage.


5.00: The Lions get some attacking ball but Waylon Murray kicks upfield and the ball rolls out.


8.00: The Force get some good attacking ball and swing the ball through the phases in the Lions 25. They send the ball to Nick Cummins who scores the first points and the first try.


10.00: James O’Connor takes the conversion and sends it side. He actually took the ball well back – almost to the 5m line which is by the half way line.


12.00: Penalty to the Force. Waylon Murray for not rolling away. O’Connor will take the kick at goal.


13.00: He strikes and he slots it.


15.00: Penalty to the Lions. Burton Francis will take the kick at goal. He strikes it badly. Hooked well away. Francis is on for a Jantjies blood bin.


17.00: A little bit of attack from the Force but they lose the ball and then the Lions run it out.


19.00: The Lions are looking very good. On attack they are performing much better than the Lions. Force work the ball into the Lions 25. They force the Lions into conceding a penalty and then another which O’Connor will use to kick for goal.


20.00: O’Connor takes the kick and nails it from in front. The Lions are starting to come under some real pressure.


24.00: Jantjies coms back on after a blood bin. The Lions pass to him in the dead ball area and he misses the ball. The Force get an attacking scrum in the Lions 25. The Force win the ball and attack but after a couple of phases they get pushed into touch.


26.00: The last 15 minutes or so has been all the Force on attack in the Lions 25. This time it’s 11 phases. The Lions turn it over and Kockott kicks it away.


28.00: Penalty to the Lions. Jantjies takes the kick and slots it. The Lions are on the board.


33.00: The Lions win another penalty as the Force were not retreating after a kick upfield (offside) so Elton Jantjies takes the kick and slots it.


35.00: The Force have had a bit of a quiet spell for the last 5 minutes. Shepherd has a run but is caught.


36.00: The Force conceded another penalty – not releasing. Jantjies will kick for posts.  


37.00: Jantjies’ kick is wide.


39.00; Another penalty for the Lions. Jantjies takes the kick again and this time he slots it.


40.00: Waylon Murray concedes a penalty after the hooter. James O’Connor will take the kick at posts. He nails it from well out.


It’s half time.


The half time score was Lions 9 Force 14


The second half is underway.


42.00: Early penalty for the Lions. Jantjies will take the kick but misses.


46.00: The Lions have a much greater intensity this half. Pressu

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