Cheetahs will work on their scrums

The Cheetahs will hold video sessions early this week to try and find out what went wrong with their scrum against the Sharks.

The scrum wasn’t the sole reason that the Cheetahs lost the match 24-9 but it contributed heavily as they were repeatedly penalised for their scrum by referee Craig Joubert in Durban.

Cheetahs coach Naka Drotske did not want to say too much about the way his team struggled in the scrums but said that they would act if necessary.

“It’s difficult to say something about the scrums straight away.” Drotske told Sport24.

“I would like to see a video of the match on Monday to be able to give a proper judgement.

“We can then decide whether the penalties were justified or not. It’s not easy to say something about it now, especially not after you lost and are still emotional,” said Drotske.

“We’ll have a look at it and if we feel that some of the decisions were over the top, we will send a report to Andre Watson (South African referees manager) or I will phone Craig myself and discuss it with him.”

Cheetahs prop Coenie Oosthuizen and hooker and captain Adriaan Strauss were not pleased with being blown up for scrum problems.

“The referees are very strict on early engagement. There is a fine line because you’d like to win the engagement to be able to scrum well.”

“When you are penalised for that at the first two scrums, you are often late after that and are dominated by your opponent,” said Drotske.

“The penalties definitely had an effect. We have to go and look whether we were early in the first few scrums. If we were, it’s our own fault. If not, you can find the fault with the referee.”

Drotske added that he felt that neither of the sides had played well, but his team’s tactical kicking definitely led to their demise but said he was pleased with the defence and competing at the lineouts.

“There was not really anything wrong with the chase of our kicks. It was rather the execution that was not accurate. “

“Most of the hanging kicks were simply too deep and it’s difficult to chase those. I believe the kicking plan we had was the right one.”

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