Super Rugby format could work for Cheetahs

While many Super 14 fans might be sceptical about the expansion to a Super 15 rugby tournament the Cheetahs feel that they may benefit from the expansion.

Historically the Cheetahs have struggled against Australian and New Zealand teams so they may welcome the addition of more matches against South African teams.

Whilst there is the addition of a new Australian team in the Melbourne Rebels the new format also sees more home derbies as team’s in their countries play the other teams in their own country on a home and away basis.

Cheetahs coach Naka Drotske says that the new format could play into the Cheetahs hands.

“I think our players are more comfortable against SA teams,” he told Afrikaans newspaper Rapport.

“If you look at the history of Super Rugby, we have always done better against those teams.”

While the Cheetahs have struggled in the Super 14 they have done well in the Currie Cup and broke the Bulls-Sharks recent domination of the tournament.

They have yet to win a match in Australia or New Zealand but having finished in 10th place in 2010 in the Super 14 their confidence in growing.

As is the case with other teams the Cheetahs will have to watch out for injuries.

“The longer season will be difficult for us because we do not have the depth of some other teams do,” said Drotske.

“We have lots of depth in certain positions and in others we have none. “

“If we get injuries in specific positions, we may have trouble, “said Drotske.

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