Sale Sharks hoping to talk Hodgson into staying

Sale Sharks are hoping that the change in coaching from the autocratic Mike Brewer to the inclusive Pete Anglesea will help to keep the Premiership’s highest ever point scorer with the club but his mind may already be made up.

January the 1st marked the date when contracted players can officially be approached by rival Premiership clubs and Saracens are said to be leading the race to sign Hodgson.

“I have never been in this position before. I’ve always had my next contract sorted long before I was allowed to speak to anyone else so this is very new to me,” said Hodgson who revived his England career last year.

“It is a different outlook now and I am quite excited by it. I’ll see what the options are and go from there. It is a big decision and I’m not going to rule out moving.

“There is a part of me which thinks what if, and maybe if I wasn’t to move, I would be left thinking at the end of my career, what would it have been like if I had?”

“Finding somewhere else will be a tough decision because Sale is my club and they have always been good to me.” he told the Express.

Hodgson played his 151st Premiership game for Sale Sharks on the weekend against Saracens and Sale secured a crucial victory following Brewer’s departure which gives the club a boost in avoiding the end of season relegation battle. .

“Being involved in relegation battles doesn’t appeal to me – that is definitely a factor. Life after rugby is a factor, too – in three or four years I will be thinking about retiring,” said Hodgson.

“I’ll make the decision that is right for me as a player and also for my family. Initially, I toyed with the idea of going to France but my wife has just had a hip replacement and I want to stay in England for her sake.”

New coach Anglesea is Sale Sharks fourth boss in two years after Saint Andre, Robinson and Brewer and owner Brian Kennedy hopes that his new appointment can at least slow the decline since they won the Premiership in 2006.

“Part of the problem is that we lost a lot of very talented players,” said Hodgson, 30.

“To lose 11 internationals and not replace them is going to impact on anyone. The turnover of coaches since has come from poor results because we have not been winning games like we were doing.

“In saying that, we still have talented players and we’re definitely underperforming.

“We need to realise our potential to get something out of this season. The last thing we want is to be involved in another relegation battle. I hated that last season.”

“I’ll see what the options are and go from there.”

Anglesea admit that he is desperate not to see Hodgson walk away as he looks to rebuild the club’s fortunes.

“At the end of the day, Charlie is my friend. We played together for a long time and I’ve always been there for him,” Anglesea told Manchester Evening News.

“I think Charlie will make what he sees as the best decision for him. Of course I would love him to stay and I’ve already spoken to him about it.

“That’s all in the balance right now as we don’t know at this moment in time what Charlie is thinking.”

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