Sarries’ Venter interview inspired by spoof film

Saracens outgoing Director of Rugby styled his bizarre interview by watching comedy film Mike Bassett: England Manager.

Never far from controversy Venter watch the the spoof film ‘Mike Bassett: England Manager’ on a recent away trip to Gloucester and decided to use the interview clip in the film as his template.

In the film England football coach Dave Dodds is interviewed and repeats all of the questions that were put to him.

Venter was furious with European Rugby Cup bosses for fining him GBP21,800 for being “too honest” after Saracens loss to Leinster.

When his team lost again on the weekend this time to Racing Metro, Venter used the film as inspiration for his interview according to the Mirror.

Saracens have backed Venter and Chief executive Ed Griffiths has described it as an “ERC-style interview”.

“If he was less interesting, hopefully it doesn’t result in a disciplinary hearing,” Griffiths told BBC 5 live.

“After the last Heineken Cup game, Brendan was asked questions and gave honest answers that we believe amounted to not much more than a coach talking about the state of rugby and various issues.

“That resulted in a disciplinary hearing and a fine.”

“The European Rugby Cup (ERC) want to run it this way and it is their competition and their rules. “

“Their disciplinary procedures basically say if you are in any way critical of anything, whether you are right or wrong, it is a misconduct charge.”

“We tried to avoid another disciplinary charge and hopefully we have.”

See if you can see how Venter drew inspiraration for the interview with Sky Sports.

In Mike Bassett: England Manager –

Reporter: The team looks in pretty good shape?

Dave Dodds: Good shape, yeah. Yeah, good shape. Good team. Looking very good. Couldn’t be better.

Reporter: Having said that we’re not actually playing very well at the moment?

Dave Dodds: No, no. Terrible, terrible. Terrible shape, terrible team, looking very bad.

Reporter: Then again the omens do look very good for England?

Dave Dodds: Looking good, very good.

Brendan Venter’s interview with Sky Sports  –

Martin Gillingham: How disappointed are you?

Brendan Venter: Disappointed, very disappointed, very disappointed.

Martin Gillingham: What went wrong because you got off to such a wonderful start?

Brendan Venter: Ja , interesting. I wonder what went wrong. Have to think about it.

Martin Gillingham: But what did go wrong?

Brendan Venter: I’ll have to look and think. Think about it deeply. Very deeply.

Martin Gillingham: Did it hinge in the end on a bit of genius from Sireli Bobo?

Brendan Venter: Bit of genius, bit of magic, Sireli Bobo, very interesting, very good yah. Three cheers for Sireli Bobo.

Martin Gillingham: What were you happy with about your side?

Brendan Venter: Happy. Everything. Very good, very happy with my team.

Martin Gillingham: But you didn’t win did you Brendan?

Brendan Venter: No, well, we didn’t win. It’s true.

Martin Gillingham: Why didn’t you win?

Brendan Venter: Good question that, very good question. It’s important to win, it is. We must try harder, absolutely, yes.

Martin Gillingham: Do you think it’s a lack of effort?

Brendan Venter: Lack of effort, lack of effort? I can’t think it’s a lack of effort.

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