ARU says ‘no’ to Grothe

The Australian Rugby Union (ARU) has dismissed reports that it was chasing the signature of Rugby League player star Eric Grothe Jnr and said it will “not” be making him any offers.

ARU Manager Rugby Operations Pat Wilson says reports that Eric Grothe Jnr is about to sign a deal worth AU$280,000 per season from the ARU is totally incorrect.

“Eric is one of a number of high profile athletes the ARU is regularly approached to meet.,” Wilson said.

“An informal meeting was held with Eric, and that is as far as things have progressed,” he added.

“No offer, formal or informal has been discussed or tabled.

“The ARU spends millions in developing young talent through our own rugby programs, but occasionally someone is brought to our attention in a position where we think we might be able to develop extra depth and we agree to listen.

“The ARU always deals with these matters on a case by case basis.

“If Eric wishes to try to secure a playing contract with one of the Super 14 franchises, his management knows the doors are wide open to them, however the ARU will not be topping up any Super 14 franchise’s offer.”

The ARU this week announced the exciting acquisition of Timana Tahu to its future playing ranks.

“As an experienced representative player and centre, Timana’s talents were seen as very important in an area we are trying to strengthen into the future,” Pat Wilson said.

“We will continue to look at players of elite talent if and when they approach us,” he concluded.


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