Bok coach De Villiers admits he’s under pressure

After losing to Scotland the Springboks coach Peter De Villiers has admitted that he is under pressure to keep his job and that of his assistants.

South Africa won just one of their TriNations matches and have been in decline since the end of last year’s TriNations.

“The pressure is there, yes. There is always pressure in this job” De Villiers admitted to the Daily Mail.

“You should take this job and see how grey you become in five weeks.”

“There are 22 players around you but there are the hopes of 43 million people at stake in every game,” he said referring to South Africa’s population which is closer to 50 million.

“But that is the sort of pressure that Martin (Johnson) will experience too, and all of us coaches. You never get used to it. It just goes on and on.

De Villiers rested a couple of players for Scotland but he still feels that they had enough talent to beat Scotland last weekend.

“Saturday’s performance wasn’t a true reflection of the talent in this squad and the players want to put that right and end the Test season on a high.”

For this week’s match De Villiers believes that England will be the Springboks toughest match after wins over Ireland and Wales and has made two changes to his team.

“Martin has made England a world force again. It is a hell of a worrying factor for us, especially with the World Cup so close, that they are gelling as a team,’ De Villiers added.

“We will always respect them and it is good for world rugby if England rugby is strong.”

The weather expected for the match is cold and wet which could limit expansive rugby which worries De Villiers as he fears England’s scrum.

“They are definitely the best scrummaging side in the world now. They have annihilated every side they have faced in the scrum.”

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