Johnson warns England to expect Bok backlash

Martin Johnson has warned his England players to expect a back-lash from South Africa after their 21-17 loss to Scotland.

South Africa’s Springboks finished last in the TriNations and the loss to Scotland has many believing that a loss to England will see the back of coach Peter de Villiers and his assistants.

The last time South Africa lost to Scotland their next game was against England in 2002 and lost all discipline and were thumped 53-3.

Johnson is not expecting a repeat of that 2002 match but knows that the Springboks will be angry and expects a fearsome physical challenge.

“They won’t collapse under the pressure, put it that way,” Johnson told the Daily Mail.

“They are world champions and they still have a lot of experience in the group.”

“They have a huge amount of pride in being the Springboks, as we do with England. That is the fun. They are big occasions these Test matches.”

“We are going to have to play very well to beat South Africa. That hasn’t changed in the history of the game. They are a bloody good team.”

“They will come to Twickenham and bring all they have got. That is the challenge, let’s relish it and see how we stand up.”

“The game of rugby is physically intense. That is why you pick big strong guys who go and lift weights. You have to win those battles.”

England have not beaten South Africa since 2006 when the Springboks played back to back matches.

South Africa lost the first match but won the second and the loss meant that Any Robinson lost his job and he now coaches Scotland who famously won last weekend.

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