Ella to trade Wallaby secrets

Former Australia full-back Glen Ella will coach against the Wallabies at the Rugby World Cup after agreeing to join the Canadian team staff.

Ella was the Wallabies’ backs coach at the 2003 World Cup, but he will be advising on tactics to beat them when John Connolly’s Australia plays Canada in their final pool match in Bordeaux.

“This is the first time I’ve coached against the Wallabies,” Ella told rugbyexclusive.com.

“It will be interesting.

“By that stage Australia should have their act together. They will be pretty tough just before the quarter-finals.

“I’d rather play Australia first when they might be a little bit unorganised.”

Ella, the Australian sevens coach, gained permission from the Australian Rugby Union to link with Canada in August as a consultant after an approach from its head coach Mick Suggitt, a friend from the sevens circuit.

“They are ranked about 15th in the world,” Ella said.

“The good thing about it is I’ve got permission off the Australian Rugby Union. If they had been ranked in the top 10, I might have had a bit of trouble.

“But they (the ARU) see that we need more teams to be competitive in the world. If I can help a little bit in helping to bring Canada forward and hopefully winning a couple of pool matches, it’s good for them.”

Ella said the Canadians had targeted Japan and Fiji in the pool matches, although they would love to spring an upset against Wales.

“The good thing about the Canadians is they are realistic as to where they are going to come,” Ella said.

“They set goals against Fiji and Japan and try to compete against them. The way Wales are going we might have a chance against Wales.”

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