Racing Metro settle draw with Perpignan

Racing Metro were lucky to come away with a share of the spoils in an 18-18 draw with Perpignan on Friday.

The Catalan side dominated and it took a penalty from Jonathan Wisniewski in the final minute of the game for the Parisian side to pull level with the 2009 Top 14 champions.

Racing Metro started in positive fashion and were soon ahead thanks to a penalty by Francois Steyn in the eighth minute.

That start was to set the tone for the rest of the match, which remained try-less as both sides relied on kicking to get points on the board.

Steyn kicked a second penalty on 31 minutes while Wisniewski kicked the first of his two penalties in the 24th minute, adding a second drop on 27 minutes.

Jerome Porical kicked all of Perpignan’s points from penalties, six in all accounting for the visitors’ 18 points.

Porical said: “It’s something of a result to come away here with a draw, we’re not going to complain.

“But overall, given our performance throughout I think we should have come away with the win. It’s frustrating.”

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