Argentina match cancelled due to player release

The match between the French Barbarians and 2007 World Cup semi-finalists Argentina as part of the hosts 30th anniversary celebrations was cancelled on Tuesday because the Pumas cannot assemble a good enough side, the Barbarians announced.

The Argentinians are unable to select a high enough quality squad because a large part of their players play for French clubs and will have played for them in Top 14 action 48 hours before the November 6 clash.

However, the French National League (LNR) medical rules stipulate that no player can play again until 72 hours after his previous match.

“Having taken into account the difficulties met by Argentina putting together a quality side with the players that largely play for French clubs and who will have played 48 hours before the match, the Barbarians Rugby Club have decided to cancel the match which was due to take place on November 6 at Charlety Stadium,” the Barbarians announced in a statement.

The French Barbarians would also not have been able to select any of the national squad for the November test matches which gets underway with a match against Fiji in Nantes on November 13.

The Barbarians – whose president is former playing great Jean-Pierre Rives and director-general is the equally flamboyant former player Serge Blanco – will still play Tonga in Grenoble on November 26.

The cancellation is especially worrying for Argentina as they plan to join the TriNations from 2012 and have to gaurantee that they will be able to field their best players.

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