2013 Super Rugby date set for Southern Kings

South African Rugby Boss Oregan Hoskins says that his organisation have set aside funds in order to get the Southern Kings into Super Rugby for the 2013 season.

“We have also set aside extra funding of approximately R6 million for the South East Cape franchise and 2013 is the target set for their Super Rugby debut,” said Hoskins.


The Southern Kings went head to head for the 15th licence in the new Super 15 tournament and although Melbourne Rebels won the licence South African Rugby are pushing ahead with their inclusion. This will most likely have to come at the expense of one of South Africa’s other Super Rugby franchises.

Hoskins also revealed that the five existing South African Super Rugby franchises had all agreed to play friendlies against the Kings and that the Kings would be sent to represent South Africa at an international tournament in Romania next year June.

Hoskins added that the franchise would be comprised of an equal partnership between Eastern Province, Border and South Western Districts.

“All will hold an equal percentage share and be represented by an equal number of directors,” Hoskins is quoted by Despatch.

“The chairmanship of the franchise will also operate on a rotational basis,” he said.

Hoskins said that due to a new television deal, next year all 14 provinces would benefit from an increased grant of R7m.


It is expected that the Southern Kings will be involved in a promotion/relegation play off series to decide which of the five South African teams participate in the tournament.


The loser will most likely tour on behalf of South Africa in tournaments such the one Hoskins referred to in Romania.

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