Mitchell to stop Lions ‘getting carried away’

John Mitchell missed out on the Stormers job

After four successive wins in the Currie Cup the Lions appear to be on a roll but coach John Mitchell plans to keep his players feet on the ground.

Mitchell has enough experience to know that with seven matches still to play there is a lot of work still to be done.

The four match winning streak is currently the most by all of the sides in this year’s competition and Mitchell is confident that the Lions will be able to continue their form.

“However, we cannot afford to get ahead of ourselves at any stage,” he warned.

“We have plenty of hard work to do and we do not have any Test players, so as a young group we have to keep working together and remain committed to what we want to do.

“It is a tough competition and it will only get tougher and because the stakes will be higher and the intensity. So we have to stick to what we are doing.”

He said that the team was “getting somewhere in terms of how we want to play. Province worked off our errors in the first half. But the way the guys fought back showed where we want to go.”

“We knew it was a matter of wearing them down and we would get there.” he says on the Lions website.

“Their second try was soft, but after that our defence got stronger. They also conceded a lot of turnovers, which allowed us to get to the other side of the field.”

Mitchell was forced to concede that the youth in the side could be costly at times, but says he is happy that the team is ambitious rather than conservative.

While the aim is to get to the semi-final, Mitchell points out that the team is still in control of its own destiny.

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