Cooper to get record Rugby League offer

Quade Cooper is to be offered a record deal to leave Rugby Union by NRL club Parramatta but it will mean that he will miss the 2011 Rugby World cup.


Cooper would also miss the upcoming Super 15 if he takes NRL offer.

The deal is said to be worth AU$850,000 and is believed to be twice the amount that the Australian Rugby Union are offering.

he Parramatta deal make Cooper the highest-paid player in the NRL, it would also dwarf the $400,000 offer put forward by the ARU.

Cooper was recently named the Super 14 player of the year and is thought to be insulted by the ARU’s offer of a $100,000 pay rise to help the Wallabies try to win the World Cup next season.

Cooper is far from the highest-paid Wallabies player and his current deal is understood to be worth less than $300,000 a year, with the ARU paying $110,000 on top of the $150,000 he receives from the Reds.

Further money comes in when the Wallabies play for Australia and get paid $12,500 per Test.

Cooper has a league background and is open about his desire to test himself in the NRL but he also wants to play in next year’s World Cup.

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