2010 Super 14 final preview Bulls vs Stormers

The Bulls and the Stormers will meet in the Super 14 final for the first time and the last time. They may go on to meet again next year in the final but this will be the last Super 14 final as next year we have the Super15.

The Bulls and Stormers finished their regular Super 14 campaigns in first and second place which earned them a home Semi-final.

The Bulls played their Semi-final in Soweto as they had to hand Loftus Versfeld over to FIFA for the upcoming Football World Cup. In that Semi-final they beat the Crusaders 39-24 and earned the right to play the Super 14 final in Soweto.

The Stormers played their Semi-final at Newlands in Cape Town and beat the Waratahs 25-6 keeping the Waratahs tryless for the second time this season.

A lot of the historical stats between the teams will be pointless as neither team has played a Super 14 final in Soweto. The Bulls will have a slight edge on the Stormers as they will have some degree of familiarity having played their last weekend.

Looking at the result between the Stormers earlier this year is also fairly pointless as they record books show that the Stormers beat the Bulls 38-10 but we all know that the Bulls played a second string team for the match.

Both teams have won four and lost two matches in their last six matches. On average when these two teams meet the Bulls score 27 points and the Stormers score 24 points. Pretty close.

Putting the Round 14 match aside when the Bulls rested their players, the Bulls have won the last five matches between the teams. Overall the Stormers have the edge as they have beaten the Bulls 7 times on the 13 occasions that the two teams have met.

In 2000 the Bulls and Stormers drew and between 1998 and 2004 that was the closest they got to beating the Stormers. However in recent times the Bulls have managed to figure out how to beat the Stormers. As mentioned earlier the Bulls have won the last five real matches between the teams but those five victories are the only five victories they have won.

It is well known that the Stormers have the best defence and the Bulls have the best attack in this year’s Super 14.

The Bulls this season have on average scored a shade under 34 points and let in 26 points so their average score is 34-26. The Stormers on average have scored a shade under 28 points and let in almost 13 points and their average score is 28-13. This shows that the Bulls have little problem scoring and the Stormers have little problem containing teams.


The Bookies have given the Stormers a 6 point start which means that the Bulls should win by 6. Everything is telling us the Bulls are going to win this. We would normally have no problem in predicting the Bulls to win this but there is just something in the air that says the Stormers will take a step up and frustrate the Bulls on attack so much that they will make mistakes. There is a well used saying that says – “Defence wins tournaments.” So, very nervously, we are going to predict the Stormers to sneak it by three.


Bulls last 13 results against the Stormers
15 May 2010 Bulls v Stormers 10-38 Cape Town
07 Mar 2009 Bulls v Stormers 14-10 Pretoria – Bulls won
16 Feb 2008 Bulls v Stormers 16-9 Cape Town – Bulls won
14 Apr 2007 Bulls v Stormers 49-12 Pretoria – Bulls won
13 May 2006 Bulls v Stormers 43-10 Cape Town – Bulls won
14 May 2005 Bulls v Stormers 75-14 Pretoria – Bulls won
27 Mar 2004 Bulls v Stormers 11-25 Cape Town
05 Apr 2003 Bulls v Stormers 24-27 Pretoria
11 May 2002 Bulls v Stormers 27-31 Cape Town
05 May 2001 Bulls v Stormers 23-34 Pret

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