Bulls coach not worried Stormers defence stats

Bulls coach Frans Ludeke believes the fact that this weekend’s Super 14 final will see the Super14’s best attack going up against the Super14’s best defence will mean little when the teams meet.

The Stormers have the best defence this season having only conceded 17 tries in 14 matches but they go up against a Bulls attacking team that has scored an almost unbelievable 50 tries this season.

While the stats make for interesting reading they will mean little when Craig Joubert blows his whistle for the kick off as both teams start on the same field with 15 players a side.

“It’s only stats, what is going to count on Saturday is who defends the best and who attacks the best and more importantly, which side uses their opportunities. Nothing else counts,” Ludeke told broadcaster Super Sport.

“We have had the whole season to dress rehearse what is going to happen on Saturday.”

“But it is a new game, there are new situations and we only have 80 minutes on Saturday to make the best of it.”

Ludeke admitted that there was excitement in the team to retain the trophy they won last year and especially to face the Stormers as part of such an historic occasion.

“It’s great, it’s exciting. The guys have worked really hard to get into this situation and give ourselves the opportunity to win the competition again,” Ludeke added.

“We had our review and looked at one or two things. We had a good start to the game and that laid the foundation for the rest of the game.”

“This week, however, we come up against a different opposition with different strengths.

“I think the two best teams in the competition are playing in the final. Its two South African teams, the guys know each other and it’s a derby but that will not be important for us.

“We are focusing on other things like making sure that our plan is good enough to work in the game for us.”

Ludeke also was quick to point out that history meant little when it came to the actual game this week.

“We have closed the door on last year and this year has its own magic and chemistry. The rules have changed, the games have taken on a different shape and there are different focal points in all the matches we have played.

“What is important is to make sure that the guys are in a good space mentally and physically and do everything to make sure that we get the result we want.

“Our motivation comes from inside and not external factors. But it is good to know that we have already had an experience in Orlando and it has become our home town for the next week.

“We are looking forward to going back there. The crowd and everyone in Soweto were amazing.”

Ludeke said he had taken note of the way the Stormers defence had worked, but that the Bulls trusted their own systems and if they worked, they would be able to break down the Stormers defence.

“The Stormers don’t commit that many guys in the ruck and they are good tacklers. They make their tackles no matter what.

“The challenge for us is to get that go forward and momentum and hopefully create some opportunities to score some tries on Saturday.”

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