NZ Rugby six years out of date : De Villiers

Springboks coach Peter De Villiers says that New Zealand Rugby has been left behind and have not taken the opportunity to progress like other teams.

De Villiers is crrently touring New Zealand researching venues for the Tri Nations and the Rugby World cup and says that New Zealand lagging behind everyone else, and that this doesn’t bode well for the 2011 World Cup.

“What I learned from the New Zealand model, the rugby is still the same as it was four, five or six years back.”

“The other teams caught up with them and now everybody thinks New Zealand is bad.”

“They’re not bad… they never took the opportunity to move on to the next level.”

“It’s going to be tough for them to do that now for the World Cup.”

De Villiers has also made dire predictions for the Tri Nations teams heading into the World Cup.

“If we don’t manage our players correctly in the Southern hemisphere, all three of us, we can be in for a bumpy ride,” he told ONE Sport.

In 2011 the Super 14 will expand to a Super15 with more matches, then there will be the TriNations and then world cup which amounts to a lot of rugby for players and fans.

Speaking about the upcoming TriNations De Villiers denied that the Springboks are hot favourites to take out the Tri Nations this year.

“You don’t get things like that in rugby… You don’t have control over winning and losing. You can only control what you can control,” he says.

De Villiers took a less philosophical approach when asked what he thought of the New Zealand sides in contention.

“Well I don’t care… for New Zealanders it will be brilliant but I really don’t care, as long as we get through this injury free.”

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