Brumbies beat Cheetahs in Canberra

The Brumbies win over 80 per cent of their matches at home.

On Thursday morning Cheetahs captain Juan Smith was forced to withdraw after the loss of his father which will have an effect on the team even though Smith has missed the last couple of matches.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off.


The match is underway.


1.00: Brumbies make a composed start.


2.00: Cheetahs win the first line out but as they swing the ball out to the line and they knock on.


5.00: The Brumbies give away a penalty at the scrum so Naas Olivier takes the kick for posts and nails it.


8.00: The Brumbies go forward and catch the Cheetahs offside. Instead of kicking for posts they run the ball.


9.00: Kabamba Floors is caught offside as the Brumbies press for the try. Moore comes close. Hoiles goes again and gets the ball down. We go upstairs. No reason can be given “not to award the try” so it is given.


9.00: Matt Giteau bangs over the conversion.


14.00: McCabe impresses under a high ball with pressure from Nokwe- he gets the ball out and the Brumbies run the ball. Giteau snipes but gets caught. Brumbies get a penalty.


15.00: The Brumbies are desperate to get the four try bonus point as they run the ball at every opportunity. They string together 6 phases but the Cheetahs turn it over and kick upfield.


17.00: Referee Bryce Lawrence has had enough of constant offsides so Barend Pieterse is shown a yellow card. (7-3)


18.00: The Brumbies run the ball again and somehow the Cheetahs keep them out.


20.00: Brumbies have had 82 per cent of the possession but knocks on and hadling errors are letting them down. This time it’s Matt Giteau.


23.00: It’s pretty much all the Brumbies picking away at the Cheetahs. They keep getting close but just coming short. 83 per cent possession.


24.00:Tyrone Smith is struggling with an injury and gets some attention.


27.00: The Brumbies run the ball in the corner and come close to scoring but yet again they slip and the try goes begging. The Cheetahs turn the ball over and Nokwe runs away but there was a forward pass so he is called back.


28.00: There is some confusion at the back of the scrum after the Cheetahs go too early and Patrick Phibbs sells them a dummy and he darts off the other way and scores. Giteau adds the conversion.


29.00; Cheetahs have missed 28 tackles so far so the Brumbies should be much further ahead.


33.00: The Cheetahs give away a penalty at the scrum so this time the Brumbies kick for touch.


35.00: The Brumbies edge forward as they go through the phases but as they get to nine phases they knock on.


36.00: Another scrum penalty to the Brumbies.


37.00: They run the ball and Tyrone Smith goes over for the Brumbies third try after Matt Giteau sucked in three defender and passed to Smith.


38.00:Giteau adds the conversion. Kabamba Floors gets called out for tackling a player in the air. He gets a warning.


It’s half time.


The half time score was Brumbies 21 Cheetahs 3


The second half is underway.


42.00: The Brumbies get almost the perfect start as they show some good hands and Rocky Elsom scores in the corner. Thats the Brum

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