Stormers beat Cheetahs in Cape Town

In stark contrast to the Bulls the Stormers are on top of the log in second place due to their defence.


The Bulls have got to the top by scoring points while the Stormers are preventing teams from scoring points.

Match detail

We are waiting for the kick off. The match is underway.


2.00: The Stormers get the first chance to score some points after offside an infringement by the Cheetahs. Peter Grant is off injured – injured before in the warm up.


3.00: Joe Pietersen nails the penalty.


7.00: Former Province player Naas Olivier knocks the ball on from a high ball which sets up a Stormers attacking scrum.


8.00: The Stormers go for a drop goal but miss.


10.00: The Stormers have pretty much pinned the Cheetahs back in the 25. They set up a line out on the 25m line.


12.00: The Stormers pressure is rewarded with a penalty kick. Pietersen takes the kick and nails it.


16.00: Meyer Bosman gives away a penalty for taking out a player in the air. The Stormers clear the ball to safety as the Cheetahs had moved play to the Stormers 25.


20.00: The Stormers work the ball downfield and through the phases. They string together 16 phases but the Stormers lose the ball to the Cheetahs.


23.00: The Stormers stretch the Cheetahs defence with a build up of phases and Jaque Fourie passes to Joe Pietersen who scores the first try in the corner.


24.00: Pietersen adds the conversion.


27.00: The Cheetahs use the up and under and Robert Ebersohn catches the ball and pops the pass out to Meyer Bosman who is able to run in the Cheetahs first try.


28.00: Naas Olivier misses the conversion.


33.00: The Stormers come close to breaking through in the corner but the Cheetahs defence just manages to stop them.


35.00: The Stormers are controlling the ball well but the Cheetahs defence is frustrating them. Stormers come close to scoring time and time again but the Cheetahs are holding them out.


39.00: Stormers string together 5 phases on attack but the Cheetahs pressure them into a mistake and Ebersohn does well to press the Stormers back.


40.36: The siren goes as the scrum forms but it goes nowhere and it is half time.


The half time score is Stormers 13 Cheetahs 5


Willem de Waal kicks off and the second half is underway.


43.00: The second half starts in much the same way the first half ended – with what is essentially an arm wrestle on the field.


45.00: Lionel Mapoe snipes down the wing but he gets stopped.


49.00: Naas Olivier sees that the Cheetahs are struggling to break through the Stormers defence so he pops over a drop goal.


51.00: The Stormers get over the gain line about 5m out, Burger passes in the tackle to Jaque Fourie who dives for the ball and scores the try all in one.


52.00: Willem de Waal takes the kick and misses from almost the touchline.


55.00: Naas Olivier takes shot at goal for a penalty but misses.


61.00: The Cheetahs give away a penalty so Willem de Waal gets another shot at goal and this one he nails.


64.00: The Cheetahs fail to release in the tackle so the Stormers get a penalty and then clear.



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