Amlin Challenge Cup Qtr final qualification rules

The five Amlin Challenge Cup Pool winners and the three teams who finished as the third, fourth and fifth ranked Heineken Cup Pool runners-up qualify for the knock-out stages of Amlin Challenge Cup.

The five Pool winners will be the Clubs with the highest number of match points earned in each Pool. The Pool winners will be ranked 1- 5 in terms of the number of points earned.

Clubs from different Pools

(iii) qualification / ranking will be based on
(a) the number of tries scored in all Pool matches.
(b) aggregate points difference from all Pool matches.
(c) the Club with the fewest number of players sent off and / or suspended in all Pool matches.
(d) toss of a coin.

Clubs in the same Pool

(ii) if two or more Clubs are equal on points and the Clubs are in the same Pool, then qualification / ranking will be based on the matches played between the Clubs concerned
(a) the Club which has earned the most number of match points from the matches (four points for a win, two points for a draw and bonus points).
(b) the Club which has scored the most tries in the matches.
(c) the Club with the best aggregate points difference from the matches.

The rankings

1 ACC 1 (Top ranked ACC Pool winner)
2 ACC 2 (Second ranked ACC Pool winner)
3 ACC 3 (Third ranked ACC Pool winner)
4 ACC 4 (Fourth ranked ACC Pool winner)
5 Heineken Cup 1
6 Heineken Cup 2
7 Heineken Cup 3
8 ACC 5 (Fifth ranked ACC Pool winner)

The quarter-final pairings will be:

1 (ACC 1) v 8 (ACC 5)
2 (ACC 2) v 7 (Heineken Cup 3)
3 (ACC 3) v 6 (Heineken Cup 2)
4 (ACC 4) v 5 (Heineken Cup 1)

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