Danielli hoping to repay Robinson’s faith

Simon Danielli is hoping to repay the faith that Andy Robinson has showed in him by keeping him in the team to face Australia on Saturday.

A mistake by Danielli in Robinson’s first game in charge of  Scotland allowed Fiji to score a try in the corner.

Danielli was lured off his wing by a quick tap penalty and this allowed Vereniki Goneva to have a clean run to the corner just as Scotland were 16-0 up heading for half time.

The thirty year old winger had been tipped to lose his place but Robinson felt that despite his mistake Danielli had done enough to keep Thom Evans out of the side.

“He’s put faith in the side that got a win last week and, as individuals, we’re all pleased about that,” Danielli told Sky News.

“As a team, we want to repay that faith he’s put in us collectively.” said the Ulster winger.

“After the game’s finished, there’s nothing I could have done to affect selection.

“I just did my review of the game and looked at that incident in particular and chatted it through with the coaches and I’ll get back out there now he’s put faith in me again.”

Danielli added that Robinson has been encouraging him to get involved by coming off his wing, and he will continue to try and do this against Australia.

“He speaks to us as wingers and a back three and says he wants us to get involved in the game,” Danielli said.

“For us as players, that’s what we want to do ourselves.”

“We want to get the ball in open-field play in the middle of the pitch, not just out on our wings.”

Scotland have an air of confidence around them after their Fijian victory but Danielli is not taking the team ranked third in the world lightly.

“They’re a quality side, Australia,” he said.

“Any of those Tri-Nations sides are tough to beat.”

“But it’s an opportunity for us as a set of players.”

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