Three Romanians in hospital after another fight

Three Romanian rugby players were hospitalized after a fight broke out between players in a Central and Eastern European Rugby Cup match, an official said Monday.

The incident took place Sunday afternoon in the western city of Arad during a match between CSU Arad and RCM Timisoara.

Danut Borzas, manager of RCM said by telephone the players started punching and kicking each other about 20 minutes into the match.

Players on the bench joined the brawl. One player, Daniel Zamfir, was hospitalized with head injuries.


Another player had a broken nose and the third sustained facial injuries and had several teeth knocked out.


“We received threats before the match,” Borzas said.


“We have three players in hospital.” he added.

“They were punched and thrown to the ground and then kicked.”

Borzas said he would send a complaint to the Romanian Rugby Federation and possibly also to the International Rugby Federation.

The Romanian federation declined to comment.


In April this year three of Farul Constanta’s Georgian players were hurt in a match between rivals Constanta and Dinamo Bucharest which erupted after just six minutes when a Constanta player clashed with one of his opponents


Dinamo were leading 3-0 at the time.


Romania participated in the 2007 Rugby World cup  but did not progress beyond the pool stages.


They were in the same pool as Scotland, Italy and New Zealand’s All Blacks.

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