‘We will evolve and improve’:Bath’s Meehan

With the squad now settling back into pre-season training, Head Coach Steve Meehan is able to reflect on the events of last season and look forward to the next, with the players working under a new dynamic and with a new set of values and ambitions.


“The feeling has been a very positive one,” confirmed Steve, whilst explaining the first few days after the players returned for pre-season training.

“The issue (surrounding the four players who are no longer employed by the Club) has separated from the squad now and whilst it was a topic of conversation it has not been an overriding issue.

“The feeling within the squad is strong. It is very important for us to come out of this and to be seen as the best club that can reach their potential.

“We are asking the players ‘what do you want to be known for’ and ‘how do you want to be seen’ and that allows us to look at our standards and what we must do. We can then look at our discipline and policies with regard to our off-field activities as well.”

To aid these ambitions a number of changes have taken place over the summer including the return of Martin Haag, now in place as forwards coach, and John Neal who has taken on the role as performance coach. In terms of going for trophies and fulfilling ambitions, Steve believes these key personnel can help aid that progression.

“It provides a different dynamic and, from a players point of a view, a different way of receiving feedback.

“I think that those changes in the playing structure and the medical department, whether it be minor or major, means that we are all working in the same direction. We have the same drive and belief and everyone has to share that same ethos.

“We will evolve and improve.”

With evolving and improving in mind, the changes in the player group also allows others to step up and really make their mark in the upcoming season, and amongst the many that are set to shine is Matt Banahan.

“A couple of years ago you might not have looked at Matt Banahan and thought he was going to be a role model, but he certainly is now. He looks after himself, puts himself around the field and is a much more enjoyable person to work with.

“I am delighted that he has scored a couple of international caps and I hope there are many more for him.”

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